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How to Tell if Your Stucco is in Trouble

Stucco is a popular siding material found on the exterior of buildings and houses, it is made from lime, silica sand, and cement. Stucco is very durable and can last for decades. However, over time, the stucco shows signs of aging, in particular hairline cracks. These cracks need to be treated quickly, otherwise, they will progress into bigger cracks and larger problems. If you want to prevent more serious problems, the article is worth reading.

The Dangers of Stucco Cracks

Aesthetically, stucco cracks do not complement your house, and more worryingly they will damage your home if they are not repaired. The hairline cracks grow bigger and that leads to structural problems. The cracks are areas where water can permeate into your home, leading to water damage and possibly more structural problems. If the crack is large enough, insects can get into the house. Internally, the cracks damage paintwork and are sites of wood rot and mold growth. To avoid all these problems you need to determine what is causing the stucco to crack and repair it. By arranging a stucco inspection and stucco testing, you will find out what is the cause of the stucco problems. It’s important to hire an experienced, certified stucco inspector who can carry out stucco moisture testing among other things.

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Common Causes of Stucco Problems

There are a wide variety of factors that can cause problems with your stucco, including: the weather, earth disturbances and general wear and tear. The more common causes are:

  • Foundation settlement

The natural movement of a house, due to removal and compression of soil, can cause the foundation to move and cracks to appear in the foundation walls and exterior stucco.

  • Water infiltration

If water gets into your home’s structure, the material behind the stucco becomes damaged and eventually deteriorates, causing cracks in the stucco.

  • Weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions like heavy wind and rain and high humidity can cause cracks over time.

  • Vibrations

External vibrations from heavy traffic, or construction work, can cause stucco cracks.

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