How to Take Care of Your Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Wooden kitchen utensils, right from chopping boards, to spoons and bowls, bring in a rustic charm and comfort to the kitchen. Some beautiful hand-crafted ones are heirlooms passed from one generation to another. Apart from being a wonderful addition to your kitchen, wooden utensils are often used as they have antibacterial properties. They protect food from bacteria, germs, and mold. 

In the perfect world, we would want these utensils to be clean and shiny forever. However, with constant use, they look worn out soon. These utensils require a different type of care as compared to those made out of other materials. When you do look after it properly, wooden utensils can last for a very long time. Below are some tips that can help you keep your woodenware looking as good as new for a long time to come.

Treat Them With Organic Wax

Make a routine to treat your wooden wear once a month with organic wax. The folks at  explained that this wood wax will help repel water and retain the natural vibrancy of the wooden utensil. You can also use organic paints to help regain the beautiful color and matte finish. These paints dry quickly and are safe to use for wooden utensils that are used for eating. Set aside some time every month to give all your wooden utensils a nice rub with wax and paint those that start looking worn out. 

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Washing Technique

Do not put your precious wooden wear in the dishwasher for cleaning. It can develop cracks or splits due to the heat, detergent, and pressure of the water in the dishwasher. It is always recommended to wash these utensils by hand. Wash it with hot water and gentle soap. If need be, you can use a nylon scrubbing pad or sponge to remove any food particle that is leftover on the utensil. Try to wash these utensils quickly after use so that the food items do not get stuck on the surface. Dry them with a clean hand towel, so they don’t soak up too much water, and then air-dry thoroughly. 

Use Sandpaper On Rough Spots

With regular use of these utensils, you may notice that they develop rough spots and no longer have a smooth finish. Use sandpaper on these spots until the roughness of the surface ceases and the wood is smooth to the touch. You can follow this up by painting or staining the utensil to give it a look that is as good as new. 

Keep Them Smelling Fresh

To get rid of any smell that has developed on the utensil, rub it with a slice of lemon and let it dry naturally. It is very important to keep your wooden utensils as dry as possible. These utensils can easily look worn and dirty. So make sure you do soak up all the water with a clean towel after wash and let them dry soon after.

With the above tips, you can ensure that your wooden wear smells and looks fresh at all times. A little effort and time will be needed, but it will be worth it.

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