How to Take Care of Outdoor Furniture

The furniture made of plastic, metal, or wood can be damaged by water, dust, sunlight, weather change, and changing its position from one place to another. Some general tips can save your furniture from rust marks, mildew, and stains.  Even though outdoor woven fabrics are exposed to such chemicals which makes them stain, scratches, and moisture resistance but still they lose their charm if left without any care. So now here are some suggestions that how to take care of your outdoor furniture.  

Wooden furniture

While cleaning wooden furniture one should consider the texture and surface of furniture. You can mix little soap with water and can use a dump cloth to clean it. This simple method can give you a deep clean. You can use Murphy`s oil soap or a solution of any oil-based mild soap and water. You can also apply a coat of oil to wooden furniture. Furniture wax and paint can also increase the life of outdoor wooden furniture.

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Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture can maintain its quality and shine for a long time if you never let the first layer of dirt on it. Rinse the first layer of dirt with hose water. One should be more careful while applying any cleaner, chlorine, bleach, and corrosive ingredients that can damage furniture. After cleaning put it in sunlight to dry.

Metal furniture

Metal furniture is usually made of iron, steel, or aluminum and the biggest risk for it is rust/oxidation. There are two ways to protect metal outdoor furniture either use covers to protect them from rainwater or use paint to avoid rust. Even rust can be removed in the early stages by using mineral spirits and a damp cloth. You can protect metal furniture by adding naval jelly or paste wax after washing it with a water solution to protect it from rust.

Now after knowing how to clean all types of outdoor furniture with different cleaners. You can easily increase the charm and life of your outdoor furniture either it is plastic furniture, wooden furniture, or metal furniture.

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To save your precious outdoor furniture from furthers odds here are some tips;

  • Invest in high-quality covers for your outdoor furniture. Covers can protect your furniture from water, harsh sunlight, and scratches. If you live in an area where it happens to heavy rainfall and snowfall then use moisture-resistant covers. Because exposure to water and moisture can damage outdoor furniture.
  • Even though it not good to change positions of furniture most often but you can shift furniture into any storeroom during heavy rainfall and snowfall because furniture is most protected.
  • If you can’t clean your outdoor furniture then keep checking them regularly because if it caught any rust spot then it can be cleaned in the early stages.
  • Keep changing the paint of your outdoor furniture along with polishing it with suitable wax.

Outdoor fabrics are durable but still don’t use hard chemical cleaners it can damage the charm of fabrics.

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