How to Successfully Market Your Local Carpentry Business



The secret to successfully marketing any business is to ensure that people know who you are and what you do. It’s actually simple math, the greater your following the more products or services you’ll sell; even if your conversion rate is low. You can use the MakeWebVideo marketing video maker to create a business promo video.

In order to increase the awareness of your business there are several easy steps you can take:

Build A Website


It is estimated that there were 4.2 billion internet users in October 2018, 3.4 billion of these are social media users! In effect, this is a massive audience that can be tapped into with surprisingly little effort.

You will need to have a social media account and create the perfect landing page. Your landing page needs to tell your visitors really quickly what you do and how to get in contact with you. It is essential to get this part right or all your efforts at directing traffic to your website will be for little gain.


As soon as you’ve had one customer you can start the referral process. In its basic form, this simply involves getting that customer to tell their friends and family about your service; this should encourage others to use your carpentry business, especially if it is one of the licensed carpenters

However, you can also add your customer comments to social media sites to reach a larger audience. In addition, if possible, you should add a video and even a personal testimonial from your client. This will show others that you are trustworthy and do a good job, encouraging them to use you.

If necessary provide a discount in exchange for the video testimonial. However, it is best to make the video natural and fun.

Content SEO

content seo

Writing content is still an essential part of marketing any business. You need content that is accurate, easy to read and uses your keywords naturally. This will help to ensure you come near the top of any search based on your keywords.

It is essential to choose keywords that are relevant to your business, locality, and words that are not overused by other businesses. Before you pick a keyword for an article you should verify it with a keyword checker or even a general search on the internet; this will help to ensure you know what you are up against.

Get Help

There are plenty of resources online that will help you to successfully market your business. These range from assistance with finding investors to call lists and even linking with other businesses marketing similar products.

The more you reach out to others and network the easier it will be to build brand recognition; this is what will ensure others are aware of who you are and will make them want to use you.

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