How to Style a Modular Sofa

Investing in the right pieces of furniture seems like a hassle for those who are indecisive about every decision they’ve made. While traditional sofas fulfill the aesthetic value, what happens when you want to change the way your room looks? Now, you can’t just go around buying new sofas every other month. 

Well, modular sofas may just be the best interior design invention for all those easily bored and indecisive people like me. Not only do modular sofas fulfill your knack for rearranging the room every now and then, but they also offer a clean, crisp, and neutral look that goes well with any style. 

Let’s take a look at precisely a modular sofa and how you can style them to fit your aesthetic. 

What Is A Modular Sofa?

Let’s define a modular sofa first; what is it, and what makes it different. Well, a modular sofa can be considered a mix between a couch and building blocks. The pieces are divided into modular units that you can rearrange and configure precisely how you desire. This gives you the freedom to choose what your sofa should look like and how you can manage the couch’s sizing based on your needs. 

People often end up mixing the sectional and a modular sofa. The reality is that while both of them very similar functionality, their configuration is what makes them different. Sectional sofas usually come with a combination of a chaise lounge and a couch itself. Whereas the modular sofa allows you to celebrate all sorts of styles and pieces, you can pair them up to create your own customizable sofa. 

Modular Sofa3

How Can You Style A Modular Sofa?

The ways to style up a modular sofa are infinite. You can let your creativity loose when it comes to this department. From the artsy Bohemian look with raw texture to an elegant, classy look with jewel toned velvet, the possibilities are endless. 

However, there are some dos and donts of styling a modular sofa that we will be touching upon today, so you can achieve a fabulous looking lounge with these customizable pieces. 

1. Don’t Put On Too Many Pillows 

Too many pillows can create a very messy look for your sitting area. Try not to crowd your sofa with so many pillows. Instead, go for elegant pieces that you can effectively place in the left, right, and center areas to create a more balanced symmetry. 

2. Do Buy Proportionate Furniture

Always make sure the size of your modular sofa matches the surrounding furniture. If your coffee table is too small or your lamps are too short, you will not achieve a seamless design. 

3. Don’t Place Your Coffee Table Too Far Away From The Couch

Placing the coffee table too far away from the sofa can create a disjointed look, which ruins the overall composition and accessibility. Try to opt for distances that are easy to reach as well as easy to move around. 

Modular Sofa2

4. Do Buy Rugs That Are Proportionate To Your Couch Size

Like furniture, a proportionally large rug can create an ambiance that connects you to the aesthetic in both visual and experiential senses. They can complete the look of your room and tie in the whole aesthetic sense. 

5. Do Get Ottomans 

Ottomans are a great addition to the modularity that your sofa creates. You can easily replace your coffee table with a pair of ottomans as well. They serve as placement areas and can double up as seating when needed!


Modular sofas are the entire rave right now with their simple looks and modern feel. We hope that this article helped inspire you ways to style your modular sofa and upgrade your interior design game. 

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