How to Stay Warm With a Broken Down Boiler


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Broken Down Boiler

So the boiler is on the blink and all that can be done now is shiver in the cold until your handy plumber shows up to restore everything to its proper conditions. The big trick now will be to keep warm and comfy until your boiler is back in working order. You can also go for a boiler engineer. Click here to get a boiler engineer near you.

The radiators will be gone, this means that creativity will be the thing that keeps you from freezing in the cold. But the good news is this, there is plenty you can do to keep yourself and your home safely tucked away from the winter chill.

Here are some things that you should know about staying warm when your boiler is getting repaired – if you can afford it. If not there perhaps consider an option like this

Following are the top 6 tips we have seen that can allow you to stay warm when the boiler is broken down.

Add Layers

The first thing to do is to layer up. The more clothes you are wearing the better chances that you will be warm and comfy even if the rest of the home is dropping in temperature. Each extra layer of clothing you put on will keep you safely insulated from the cold outside.
Add Layers
So go all out, pull on the gloves, extra pair of socks and head gear. If you will be sitting in one place, have no shame of grabbing a couple of blankets. Every extra layer you can find will help.

Close Your Curtains

Little do most people know that the windows are one of the greatest heat exchanges in the home. Keep the hat from escaping out the windows by keeping the curtains drawn. With your central heating on the blink, you will need to conserve every calorie of heat energy in your home.

This is especially true at night. You can open the curtains during the time of day when the sunlight is streaming inside and warming the home, but as evening shadows fall. It is time to close the curtains and keep the accumulated warmth inside. Blinds do not perform this important task nearly as well as a good thick set of curtains.

So, when you wake up and the sunlight is streaming in through the curtains, it is time to let the house warm nicely. A little sunlight is a great way to warm the house and make it more pleasant and comfy during the day. A little morning sun is also good for boosting the mood and making you feel warm and fuzzy all day.

Close the Doors

It is far more cost effective to heat a single room than to try to keep the entire home warm. With this in mind, make sure you select the warmest room in the house to conduct your daily activities. Keep the doors shut so you can conserve the heat in your room indefinitely.

This way you can use the sunlight, space heaters and any other heating options you may have at your disposal more efficiently. You will be able to raise the temperature in this room with your own body heat, incandescent light bulbs and maybe the cat. The temperature will rise faster and will not be dissipated into the house either.
Close the Doors
Take this plan step further by blocking out the drafts that can drop temperatures in a hurry. Place a towel, floor mat or area rug across the bottom of doors and seek out any other cracks where the warm air may seek to escape.

Eat Warm Food

There is hardly anything better than a hearty meal of your favorite ingredients in the middle of winter.

Cooking and warming up your food is another great way to radiate some warmth through the home. The oven and stove should be working just fine, so there should be no problem putting together a hearty meal and keeping the home warm in the process.

A good hot meal is a great way to increase internal and external temperatures while you are waiting for your repair technician to arrive on site to perform maintenance issues. Then you can always make yourself coffee and tea throughout the day. This is good for energy levels, inner body temperatures and warmth in general.

Use Electric Heaters

Once you have done everything you possibly can to conserve the heat you have naturally, there are more appliances that you can bring in to help improve the temperatures of your home.

Electric space heaters can use a bit too much energy but they are also very effective in turning up the heat. Make sure that the windows, doors and drafts are properly buttoned down and that you are prepared to make good use of every ounce of energy applied to heating your home. This will allow your heater to warm the room effectively and will allow it to stay warm for a longer period of time.
Use Electric Heaters
Remember you will not want to leave your electric space heater on overnight. If you have any other alternative healing sources, like a fireplace, wood stove or Aga, these can also be applied to keeping the home warm.

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