How to Spot If Your Foundation Has Been Damaged

With a cautious eye, you can easily spot the minor warning signs of foundation damage. Unfortunately, these signs are hard to notice also as foundation damage occurs gradually over a period of time. In most cases, such signs are assumed to be as a result of the building structure settling or sinking. Luckily, if you realize there are many red flags, it is best that you contacted a professional foundation repair company. Fixing this problem in its early stages could potentially save you hundreds of thousands.
It is therefore essential for you to have the ability to spot any foundation issues and call a professional. Listed below are a few useful guidelines for identifying the destruction of the foundation of your house.

Initial Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

Once you have built your home, the house will begin to settle at some point. You may experience a few creaking and groaning sounds for a short time which is totally natural.

These are the essential clues to look out for when it comes to foundation damage.



It is quite easy to spot cracks in the house you are living in. Once you notice one crack in your home, it is advisable to carry out further investigation of any other cracks in the house. Detecting cracks in the walls, floors, and ceiling could be a clear indication of foundation damage. If you have installed tiles on your floor, you should look out for any broken tiles especially around the corners. You should also check for cracked bricks in the fireplace. Moreover, you should check your wallpaper for any wrinkles of tears.

2.Uneven floors and walls

Uneven floors and walls
A sinking or bulging floor will capture the attention of a homeowner quite fast. Unnatural slopping of the garage floor should also indicate a problem with the foundation of the house. Some floors also tend to be bouncy which generally indicates a poor structural support system.

You may also notice that the walls are leaning or bowing which shows that the house was built on unstable soil. Soil erosion, water damage or earthquakes can result in foundation damage. Additionally, you could also notice that items attached to the wall such as the fireplace or cabinets are separating from the wall.

3.Poorly fitted windows and doors

Poorly fitted windows and doors
If the foundation of the building is compromised, opening the windows or doors might get harder. You may need to look out for these signs too.

  •  Large gaps underneath the doors
  • Windows frames detaching from the walls
  •  Bent doors
  •  Gaps in the window trim.

4.Water damage

Water damage
The signs of water damage around the house should be resolved immediately. There are several reasons water can damage the foundation of a house.

  • Water that is not drained correctly – Rainwater should be properly diverted away from the house using gutters and underground drainage systems. This will prevent any water from accumulating around the house leading to foundation damage.
  • Water leakage in the house – This could be caused by water leaks in the walls, floor or roof. The plumbing systems in the house such as taps and pipes could also result in this problem. As a homeowner, you should check for any mold or rot within the house. This will help detect any early signs of foundation damage that could be caused by water.

Steps to Take If You Detect Any Sings of Foundation Damage

House Foundation Damage
Once you discover any signs of foundation damage, you need to hire reputable foundation repair services.

Structural foundation problems do not resolve on their own. In any case, the situation gets worse creating more significant problems in the entire house structure.

On the other hand, postponing the foundation repair exercise will end up costing significantly more. These costs will include charges to resolve major issues such as water leaks, leaning walls, shifted window frames, cracks in the walls, floor, and roof.

While you may identify foundation damages yourself, it is not possible to repair them especially if you have no building skills. As a result, you employ the services of an expert who can assess the magnitude of the damage. This will enable the specialist to recommend the most appropriate solution to avoid any further damage. Within a short while, the foundation of the house will be repaired to ensure that the homeowner and all family members are safe.

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