How to Shop and Ship Home Decor Items from Overseas to Australia

Australia isn’t just its own country, it’s also an entire continent, making it one of the largest countries in the world by area. 

As such, if you want to ship home decor items from overseas to Australia, you need to figure out the correct shipping method that will both get your items there quickly and ensure they don’t break while in transit.

Know if the Home Decor Item is Clearance Stock

Before you buy anything, it’s important to check whether or not an item is clearance stock. 

Because of such high demand for well-designed home decor items in Australia, suppliers often keep a few units of their most popular items in storage in case they sell out. 

Clearance stock can be bought directly from suppliers, making them easier and cheaper than new products shipped directly from overseas.

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Know the Retail Price

Always know what you are buying is being sold at a fair price. Most reputable online sellers have retail prices clearly displayed, so always compare it to what is being sold locally before placing an order. 

For example, if you’re shopping for art overseas, ask yourself whether you would be able to buy it locally for around $100. 

If not, chances are something fishy is going on (such as over-inflated shipping costs). As such, make sure you do your research beforehand. The last thing anyone wants is getting stung by overpriced shipping rates once the goods arrive!

Purchase Goods Online

Australian consumers may purchase goods from overseas retailers, via mail order or over the internet, provided that these purchases comply with GST, customs, and quarantine regulations. 

Most purchases will incur a GST obligation unless an international purchase is GST-free (for example goods of a non-commercial nature). 

To help make importing goods easier for Australian consumers, many businesses have been approved by Customs as licensed Customs brokers. 

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Choose International Courier Services for Australians

You need to understand that not all courier services are created equal. Depending on where your item is being shipped, it may be best to use a service like DHL Express, Parcelforce Worldwide, or FedEx. 

These are known as international couriers because they offer faster shipping options than their standard domestic counterparts. For example, if you’re sending something from the US to Australia using USPS Parcel Select, you’ll probably wait about 2 weeks for delivery. 

If you use an international courier service like FedEx International Priority you could have your parcel delivered in less than a week. If you want the home décor item shipped locally, you can rely on good interstate couriers such as Fast Courier. 

Choose Customs-Friendly Shipping Options

If you’re importing or buying overseas, choose your shipping options carefully. If an item is being shipped through a courier service, ask what documents will be needed for customs clearance. 

Even items marked as gifts may need documentation if they are worth more than a certain amount. 


Shipping items overseas can be difficult; shipping home decor items that are valuable or fragile is even more challenging. 

We recommend shipping all valuable or fragile home decor items by interstate couriers. This way, your goods will be protected in case of loss or damage, meaning you won’t have any nasty surprises when it comes time to unpack your purchases.

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