How to Ship a Car Easily and Affordably



Shipping a car between states can be a tough nut to crack. That is why some people shy away from buying vehicles from out of state or even an entirely different country. However, sometimes you find a car deal outside your state that is simply too good to pass up. Also, if you are moving a classic car between states, it makes more sense to ship it than to drive it yourself. And for that purpose you can choose vehicle transport services to transport your vehicle easily.

The key to shipping your car affordably and efficiently is finding the right car transport company. Why put unnecessary strain on your car, driving it for miles on end when car shipping and vehicle transport services with are so easy and affordable? Keep reading to find out!

Consider your car shipping options 

Before you begin, you need to understand your car shipping options. What’s most important is to learn how to pick a good company to ship your car to. After all, you’ll want to avoid losing thousands of dollars on your purchase. 

There are many reputable companies, and there are equally many different shipping methods. The most common shipping methods include; ground shipping, imported, external and private carriers. 

Unless you’re moving across the country in a single load, shipping from the country to other countries will be an import. The last two are typically the cheapest methods to get your car across the border, but they are more expensive than standard ground shipping.

Pick a carrier

The first thing to consider is whether you need to ship a car in one piece or piece it up before shipping it. According to most auto transport companies, look for a reputable company to help you if you want to disassemble. Shipping a car in pieces is more work than buying a container truck and transporting it yourself.

When shipping a car, you need to make sure that the carrier you pick will be easy to work with and will provide you with great service. There are so many different companies to choose from that it can be difficult to pick. All the different kinds of containers and load-carrying systems are pretty much the same.

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How car shipping prices are determined

Wonder how car shipping prices are pulled together? A potential customer will contact a third-party carrier, which in turn contacts the shipper or the fleet of carriers that will move the car to its final destination. Then, the shipper will ask the potential customer how many miles they can drive on a given day and at what speeds.

The car’s estimated shipping price is based on that information and is what the shipper’s price will be adjusted to get it shipped. The shipper will help the customer get the best deal possible, but it all depends on the information provided.

Because there are so many variables, these companies tend to be less transparent than some of the other car shipping companies.

Finding a reliable shipping company

There are a lot of different companies you can use to ship a car. Check on a company specializing in receiving and transporting cars, emphasizing both quantity and customer service. Also, be sure to get a company that has experience in the auto shipping business.  It may be a truck, car, or motorcycle, get a company that is reliable and will help you out every step of the way.  Motorcycle shipping by A-1 Auto is the perfect example of a shipping company specializing in transporting any type of car. Such a company will offer you a smooth auto shipping process.

Upgrade your insurance before shipment

One of the highest costs of shipping a car is the cost of insurance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how you plan on shipping your car. It’s always going to cost you money. Even if you make it to the final destination without any trouble, you’re going to pay for the coverage. There are several different types of insurance you can purchase for your vehicle, and the type that’s most suited to shipping your car is called comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive insurance will include coverages for theft, which will get you off the hook for paying any damage the vehicle may sustain. If your vehicle is stolen, comprehensive coverage will pay for you to get it back. This is why one needs to understand their insurance options before shipping. It will save you a whole lot of trouble if you do. The insurance company will also advise you on the best way forward to go about shipping the car. 

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