How to Sell a House for Cash in 10 Steps


Selling your house for cash can be a quick and efficient option if you need to sell your house fast. No matter what the reason for the sale is, financial difficulties, relocation, or just a change in lifestyle, house buyers who offer cash payments can help. 

Today, we will guide you through the steps you need to take to sell a house for cash in Washington., taken as an example.

Determine the Value of Your Property

To know how much you can sell your house for, you need to know its current market value. 

Get your home appraised by a professional, or use online tools like Zillow, Redfin, or to estimate its value. Make sure you enter your home’s accurate details to get the most accurate estimate.

Find Cash Buyers

The next step is to look for house buyers who are willing to pay in cash. You can find them online, through local ads, or through real estate agents. 

Research several options and compare their offers, fees, and reviews. Choosing a buyer with a good reputation and experience in your area is always a good idea. For the State of Washington, that would be the guys at

Contact Potential Buyers

Reach out to the cash buyers you’ve listed and thoroughly explain your situation. Share the details about your property and why you’re opting for a cash transaction. Often cash buyers respond quickly and will be in touch right away.

  • Get Your Property Ready

You might need to make repairs, declutter, or stage your property so that it’s presentable and attractive to potential buyers. Remember, you want to make a great impression and interest them in your property.

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  • Negotiate an Offer

Now that you’ve secured interested cash buyers and got your property ready, it’s time to negotiate. 

Buyers may deliberately point out flaws in the property and use these as leverage to offer less. Familiarize yourself with the basic terms of real estate and ensure all communication is put in writing.

  • Clear the Title

Before you close the sale, you’ll need to clear the title to your property. Make sure that all liens, mortgages, and other legal encumbrances are resolved ahead of time. Your real estate attorney can advise you on how to go about clearing your title.

  • Sign a Contract

Once you’ve agreed to a price, it is important to legally document the agreement between the buyer and seller in the form of a contract. Read carefully through the agreement and ensure that it covers all necessary aspects and specifics of the transaction.

  • Get a Closing Attorney

Hire a real estate attorney to help you finalize the sale. A real estate attorney can help answer any questions you might have and make sure everything is in order before you close the sale.

  • Final Walk-through

The buyer may ask for a final walkthrough of the property before closing. Ensure you have cleaned the property and removed all belongings ahead of time so the buyer can inspect without obstruction.

  • Close the Transaction

Finally, the home sale can be closed. At closing, you’ll hand over the keys to the buyer and sign any final documents. Closing typically takes place in the office of the attorney or title company.

Final Thoughts

Selling your house for cash isn’t as difficult as it might seem. In fact, it can be stress-free and swift if you follow these steps. 

We hope that this guide has made the process clear and helped you take the first step to sell a house for cash. 

Remember, even in urgent situations,; it’s important to do your homework and carefully choose your buyer.

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