How to Select a Proper Lawn Mower for the Yard


Lawn Mower for the Yard2

The lawn looks lovely when it is well-groomed. However, the right lawn mower should not only keep the yard nice-looking but also maintain the grass healthy. That’s the reason why you need to choose it wisely. Nowadays, there are many reliable models for any case. Today’s guide is provided to help you make sense out of a huge variety of lawn mowers on the market. Besides, you can find a lot of useful articles about grass cutting on the BumperCropTimes blog

Lawn Mower Types

Overall, there are two lawn mower types – the one you should push by yourself and the one you will ride. Both models have their own advantages and disadvantages. Riding mowers are more suitable for large yards (more than 3 acres) and for people who have a little time to cut the grass. Also, they are supplied with advanced regulating features. However, they consume a lot of energy and are not convenient to store.

Walk-behind mowers can have diverse sizes, but they’re smaller than riding ones. That’s why they can cut the grass in the hard-to-reach places. Also, there is a wider choice of such devices on the market. But their batteries are not designed for long rides. 

Lawn Mower for the Yard1

The Essential Features

When you’ve decided which lawn mower type you need, the next step is to consider its features. Here you will find the most important characteristics. 

Garden size

For the lawns that are smaller than ¾ acres, electric and cordless mowers are the most fitting option. Their engine is powerful enough for the 30-40 minutes riding. Such models are also suitable for the medium yards (¾ – 3 acres) – but you can also consider a petrol lawn mower. It will work for a longer time than those on batteries. For the larger yards, petrol devices are the best variant. 


You don’t need a powerful engine for the small lawn – it will only consume a lot of energy. Choose the 12-20 hp motor according to the yard size. Also, if you need to cut grass quickly, choose a stronger engine. 

Lawn Mower for the Yard

Cutting width and height

Usually, the lawn mowers allow regulating the grass height. But, the width depends on the device deck size. For the small yards, 20-22 inches is enough. However, the larger lawn you have, the bigger width you require for faster cutting. Be sure that a 45 inches lawn mower is enough for the 3 acres lawns. 

Additional features

The grass box is a nice addition to your lawn mower. However, you can try a mulching blade that allows leaving the leftovers on the yard and makes them a fertilizer. 

Summary on the Best Lawn Mower

Cutting the grass may become a satisfaction if you choose the correct lawn mower. There are so many options that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to purchase a mulching tool. I hope the guide above will help you to find the lawn mower you need. If you want to know more about the grass cutting, visit the BumperCropTimes blog – here, you are likely to find the answers. 

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