How to Save Space While Enhancing the Design of Your Small House


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The non-stop demands of the modern era call a financial instability to most people all around the globe. As a result, many have been considering and switching to small bungalow-type low-cost houses to survive the nightmare of becoming homeless. But even though your home is not huge like a mansion, it does not mean you have to sacrifice its interior design.

Living in small spaces eventually became a common trend in America. Its minimalist impression, which is also a growing trend in the West, adds to its worthiness. And although this type of house is the opposite of what a traditional American home is, folks have learned to embrace this new perspective of living. They realize it is possible to glamourize a small space like big spaces can be with the help of experts in interior designing. And as of today, many are still searching what advantages they can have from purchasing a small as well as the excellent designs and furniture needed.

Excellent Furniture and Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Tiny Spaces

Typically, apart from lightings, it is the furniture that adds accent to space’s design. However, not all furniture can complement its surroundings, and some depend on the room’s size. And choosing furniture for your tiny home is among the many crucial things you need to consider carefully. But that does not mean you have to cramp your desired style for your house. Experts created many different ways to solve the problem, and if hiring an interior designer is not in your budget, then here are a few ideas to help you.

1. Use Your Walls

Walls have a meaningful use not just for full vast spaces, but especially for small areas. They have been an excellent alternative space provider for shelves, storage, and hooks. Apart from it is a space saver, it has now become a creative part of the whole interior design. So rather than opting for a floor cabinet and shelves making your floor space look cluttered, try to add something on your wall, and do not stick to the old conventional way of “walls are for frames only” wall designing.

2. Get A Multi-functional Furniture

There is a lot of smart furniture with cool uses and features that are available nowadays. And most of it was invented mainly for the convenience it can bring to a small minimalist house type. The excellent furniture for small spaces is those that have two or more purposes. For the living room, look for a coffee table with drawers to store your newspaper or any reading materials. There are also mini seats that act as storages too and are perfect for blending in any design. 

In the bedroom, choosing a bed frame with drawers on its side is wise. Or placing a bench at the foot of the bed with storage inside is a beautiful combination too. Just always remember that as much as possible, your choice of furniture must be multipurpose. 

3. Consider Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors usually are used to reflect one’s image. However, in interior design, artificial lightings that cast soft natural light are not the only way to achieve a natural-looking glow to illuminate a room. Mirrors are helpful too. Bright cool kind of light gives off the illusion of big space, so if you want to achieve it but do not want to open your bulbs 24/7, incorporating a mirror in your living room is an excellent alternative. Additionally, to complete the aesthetic, make sure your wall paint is not a dark shade but soft neutral tones since it can reflect the light of its surroundings, making the room appear ampler.

4. Conceal Storages

Unattractive storages are natural in any house. To prevent it from destroying the whole aesthetic’s balance and beauty, consider hiding it using a piece of fabric. For instance, you have a mess under the table storage, get a piece of cloth to conceal it, and artfully design it to complement its surroundings. Moreover, if possible, do not just hang the fabric. Let out your sewing skills to correctly attach the cloth to it.

5. De-Clutter Your Space

Everyone knows that adding personality to your house’s interior design is essential. However, too many things inside a small room can appear like clutter. Do not display too many stuff such as figurines and statues like your grandma does. Keep it minimal and accordingly designed to complement the whole house’s design. Also, do not accessorize your home too much but instead, creatively organize your stuff. 

Throw out or sell possessions you do not need. It is, after all, the essence of living a minimalist life.

Design of Your Small House2

6. Creatively Decorate

If you prefer floor shelves more than wall shelves, then consider displaying them vertically up to the ceiling. More than usual, books are preferred as displays anyway, and stacking up high and tall gives out the impression that you have a larger space. Moreover, if this is your style, dress the windows, not the conventional way. Hanging the curtains all the way to the ceiling creates the illusion of longer and taller walls, which can make the room appear full and huge. There are many ways to create this kind of trick. But be careful about styling, or it will make the overall design awkward. Design with indoor plants and Go Green.

With how difficult it is to earn money today and the increasing number of homeless people, choosing a small room for you, your family, or your friends is a smart move to solve and save money as well as space. And in selecting a small minimalist kind of space over the traditional house is not the worst decision one can make. With the available multipurpose furniture integrated with smart features, living the life you have been dreaming of is not that far. It is even better. Aside from it, opting for a small space does not need to compromise your desire to style and glamorize your home. You just have to be more creative and resourceful to completely achieve the simple yet elegant charm of minimalism.

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