How to Revamp Your Living Space for Less


Revamp Your Living Space

Is your home décor in need of a reboot, re-do, or a full-on ‘do-OVER?’ Is your color scheme from Pantone’s Color of the Year circa 2000?

To be fair, 2000 was a good year for decorating. But if your living room furniture is still Craftsmen and the den is still shabby chic, it might be starting to wear on you. Oh, and if you are still curious, that Pantone Color of the Year in 2000? It was Cerulean Blue. According to Panton, “Cerulean Blue suggested serenity and inner spiritual peace during a major turning point in human history.”

I love a little inner peace, but, if you’re experiencing the need for a ‘major turning point’ in your home décor and are challenged by a low bank balance, here are some great ways you can update your living space for less.

Free Workout!

The first thing that doesn’t cost a dime is to simply rearrange the furniture. Take note of where natural sunlight comes in and move a cozy reading chair next to it. If the television or light fixtures dictate that you can’t move the biggest pieces around, then simply rearrange bookshelves, accessories, and any live plants you may have. Even picking some fresh flowers from the garden can add a pop of color to your living space.

DIYer’s Delight

DIYer’s Delight
Take Antonia’s advice If you’re relatively handy with a sewing machine or a paintbrush, troll the local thrift stores and garage sales for some new-to-you end tables, lamps, or dressers. Make sure they still have ‘good bones’ and then clean and refresh them with a new coat of paint. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube to help you with that, and, if sewing on a machine gives you chills, there are also tutorials for no-sew curtains, pillows, and table linens. Have fun exploring online before you venture out so you don’t come home with a project that will never get done. Been there. Done that!

Shed Some Light

New light fixtures can totally change the vibe of a room and really ‘light it up.’ Cleaning out the cobwebs and dead insects from overhead light covers can literally brighten up a room. Or switch them out altogether with vintage chandeliers from the thrift store for some timeless elegance and style. Another way to add a splash of light is to hang some mirrors, which will reflect natural and artificial light and give everything a fresh look. Need some inspo? Here are 4 lighting solutions we came up with for your home.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

Paint is super cheap these days, and can transform your home in just a few hours. “If your living space is looking a little grim, try adding some vibrant warm colors into the mix with a feature wall. Draw some inspiration from Mexican themes by going for brick reds or warm taupes and team them with woven fabrics. Having some lush, green plants will also make the space feel more alive.” says Antonia Gomez, a spokesperson from MONEDEROSMART, a Latin American general interest website.

Gallery of Good Things

A Gallery of Good Things

Gallery walls are a great way to add drama or flair to your living space if your budget is tight. For the cost of a few nails or frames from the dollar store, you can spend an afternoon reminiscing and honor some great memories with the people you love. Don’t hesitate to hang objects in groups: collectible plates, empty picture frames, even space-adding mirrors. High School and College diplomas also make great subjects.

The internet is a great source for discovering new ways to update your home for less. So, pull up a chair, grab your laptop and start exploring!

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