How To Replace A Retractable Screen Door

Frequently, you need to change the fiberglass screen of your retractable door. If you don’t do it right, you expose your investment to premature damage. Also, a loosely fixed screen may, in fact, be a threat and cause injury on whoever it falls on. That is exactly why is share with you the best guide on how to replace a retractable screen door on this post.

Retractable Screen Door1

  • Step 1; have a quick check around the two side tracks to see if there’s nothing blocking the screen movement through them. On eliminating every form of blockage, pull the screen all the way up towards the screen cassette.
  • Step 2; unbolt the screw holding down the side tracks one after the other so you can easily remove the faulty screen. For the side tracks held by nails, you’ll need a nail remover or a needle-nose plier for safe, damage-free removal.
  • Step 3; finally, unmount the screen cassette that houses the screen. You want to be as careful so you don’t end up ruining the mounting clips in the process. If you notice a fault in any of the mounting clips, you may just have to change those as well before fixing the new screen.
  • Step 4; before proceeding, ensure that all removed screws and bolts are kept safe so you don’t lose even one. I recommend wrapping all screws and other tiny parts in masking tapes. This also prevents future injuries from stepping on sharp screws.
  • Step 5; place the new retractable screen on a flat surface and away from the wind to avoid scratches on it.
  • Step 6; remove the screws on the right end of the screen housing to remove the caps. Repeat the same for the left end and remove the caps on the two sides.

Retractable Screen Door2

  • Step 7; slowly remove the old screen by gently sliding the control pull handle of it.
  • Step 8; (if your retractable door doesn’t have screen door rolls, you may skip this step). Remove the ball bearing on the end of the screen roll by pulling it out with a needle-nose plier.
  • Step 9; locate the square-shaped tension of your new screen door and insert the screen unto the interior of the removed cap.
  • Step 10; twist the retractable screen door roll until the spring in the interior of your retractable screen door winds up.
  • Step 11; insert the capped end of your screen unto the cassette and attach it to the door using one of the removed screws.
  • Step 12; attache the second cap on the left and hold it there with screws.
  • Step 13; re-fix the two side tracks back in place with screws.
  • Step 14; finally lift the screen door holding the new screen onto the doorway and reinstall with screws.
  • Step 15; test-drive your new installation by pulling the door handle up and down the tracks to ensure it’s moving smoothly.

Note; make sure the needed tools for installation are provided before the replacement. The tools you’ll need are; needle-nose plier, masking tape, and screwdriver.

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