How to Rent or Buy Property in Egypt


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Though Egypt has experienced a great economic slump over the past three years, the Egyptian real estate market is still performing pretty well. The higher-end properties have been very popular with property buyers and renters over the past few years. These properties will never go out of style as the Egyptians love to move around as a part of their culture. On the other hand, second-hand properties are quite popular as well, so you can find apartments at a low cost. 

Let’s see how you can rent or buy property in Egypt to make your life easier.

Search Online and Contact Real Estate Agency

You can RENT properties in Egypt by simply applying online through a major Egyptian real estate portal. This can be done using the same platform, which can be accessed through reputable agencies. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at a local office. The main advantages of renting properties in Egypt are that the transactions are low risk and the rates are reasonable.

It is best to contact a reputable real estate company so that you can access the best and the most luxurious properties in Egypt. These companies can be found easily online or you can contact them directly for more information. It’s best to consider asking for a rental deposit, in case you need to make payments to cover repairs and maintenance of the property.

Always Consider Location and Price

Before renting or buying a property in Egypt, you need to consider the location. Properties that are close to the city center have better rates and more buyers compared to ones in more remote locations. It’s also important to be aware of the property’s price. Property prices are also a matter of concern. Some properties have become overpriced, but others offer more benefits to both renters and landlords.

As the country’s economy is not fully developed, areas with good infrastructure are in high demand. As a result, property that has a luxurious view and a well-designed pool is more sought after by buyers and renters. There are plenty of properties in the low-cost range for buyers and renters to choose from.

Buy Property in Egypt

Choose a Broker for Rentals in Egypt

Once you have decided on the location and size of the property, you can choose a broker to rent the properties to you. Many brokers offer a variety of properties, so it’s best to choose one that has an extensive database. Brokers typically list properties that they have located in Egypt for rent on their sites. Online property listings in Egypt also offer a great opportunity to view and lease properties in Egypt.

If you are searching for properties with low cost, you should be careful in choosing a broker. They might have established a large network of properties and the benefits of the property, but the rental rate can be too low. Don’t go for a cheap rental if you can afford more. It’s best to check online to see what other brokers offer.

Pay Attention to Repairs and Maintenance

The average rental property in Egypt requires a few maintenance works to be done every year, especially if it’s a new rented property. This can include repainting the walls, cleaning the roof, and removing graffiti. Other minor issues include repainting walls, repairing doors, and installing air conditioning and heating. Make sure that the property is well-maintained before you sign the contract.

The choice of leasing property in Egypt will determine how long you will be required to take care of the property. If you plan to rent for only a few months, then you can probably rent a smaller and cheaper house. But if you plan to lease a property for a long period, you should consider taking the care of the property more seriously. It’s best to choose a rental company that handles all of the rental properties so that they will be responsible for the maintenance of the property.

Wrapping – Up! 

When it comes to purchasing a property in Egypt, you should consider working with a professional agent who will guide you throughout the entire process. In addition, it’s advisable to choose a good property that is in good condition, with high standards and a convenient location. 

Brokers, which are a company that specializes in real estate, offer recommendations to buyers and renters as well as convey all of the legal details involved. You can hire a good broker to evaluate the property you have in mind and recommend a property that suits your requirements.

The property you’re looking to rent or buy should also offer you many additional features. These will increase its value and help you decide whether it is worth spending extra cash on the property. Hope this guide can help you in your search for the best property in Egypt.

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