How to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture, Floors, & More

Do you own a dog or cat? Well, the winter would be the most challenging season for you. After all, ensuring that all the furniture pieces and floors are safe from pet’s hair can turn out a super hectic job. Unless you have a leather sofa, you can expect the pet hair to cling to your soft fabric furniture and ruin your home’s aesthetics. Here you can check out the best vacuum for pet hair.

But does that mean there’s nothing you could to keep your home hair-free? No need to tape your furniture and floors now. In this post, we’ll walk you through some easy tricks on how to remove pet hair from furniture, floors, and other space. Let’s get started.

Removing Pet Hair From Furniture

Removing Pet Hair From Furniture

  • Catching hair from your upholstery or furniture fabric is as simple as wearing rubber wet rubber gloves and running your hands across the sofa surface. This will attract pet hair to the rubber gloves. You can wash the glove and re-use it for other furniture pieces. If you don’t have rubber gloves, you can get the pet hair removed with a dampened sponge. Even a dry sponge will do the trick.
  • Mix fabric softener and water in a bottle and squirt the content over your sofa and other furniture pieces. Once done, you can use a cotton cloth to wipe the liquid off your furniture.

Note: You can rent furniture online for your new apartment if you have pets. This way, you can install a leather sofa that doesn’t attract the pet’s hair and last for years.

Removing Pet Hair from Floors

  • For hardwood floors, try to mop the floor with a dry cloth. Mopping seems the best option to gather pet hair.
  • While vacuuming may not be perfect for removing pet hair from the carpet or rugs, it can do the job. You need to vacuum your floors at least twice and in different directions. For best results, buy high-quality and pet special vacuum with a HEPA filter and powerful suction features. Pet hair is stubborn.It gets super complicated to catch your dog or cat hair without ruining the carpet, especially in the monsoon or winter. It is better to invest in a good vacuum and get your floors cleaned thoroughly.

Removing Pet Hair From Your Wardrobe

Removing Pet Hair From Your Wardrobe
The last thing any pet owner wants is to get their clothes ruined by pet hair. But worry not! These tips will help you get pet hair out of your wardrobe.

  • For clothes, lint roller work as the best tool to get rid of pet hair. Before you go out for college, meetings, or parties; run a hair removal session and get hair-free clothes.
  • If you notice a significant amount of pet hair on your clothes, put them in the dryer and remove pet hair quickly.


Static electricity and a low-humid climate worsen your pet hair, making it super challenging for homeowners to get rid of them. Regular washing and brushing will soften your pet hair and keep them in good condition.

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