How to Refresh Your Summer House on a Budget


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Summer’s finally here and you know what that means…time for some R&R in your summer house! But, over time if the place looks dull, don’t fret. You can breath some life into it without spending an arm and a leg with Woodpro. In this article we’ll be covering some sure fire ways to spruce up that ol’ summer house of yours so its ready for cozy nights spent outdoors – like a perfectly crafted gathering spot under the stars. We’re talking about budget friendly ideas galore to turn your dingy digs into something fit for outdoor entertaining – so let’s get started!

Evaluate and Declutter

Okay, time to evaluate and de-clutter my life – it’s about long overdue! Let’s cut the nonsense out of it for a simpler, stress-free existence. I need to get ruthless but wise with my belongings; evaluating what I truly need – thinking whether these things actually serve a purpose in my life or not. It’ll be heartbreaking, there will certainly be some nostalgia reminiscing as I remove those items that used to have meaning… But at the end of it all, hopefully this decluttering process will make me feel lighter and much freer. So let’s take a deep breath and dive straight in!

Before diving right into those home renovations, take a step back and evaluate your summer house. Get rid of everything that’s weighing you down — furniture, accessories, who-knows-what — anything that looks like it’s been around forever and isn’t serving much purpose. A good clear out will do the trick: freeing up space and making it look brand spanking new! Conquering the clutter will instantly give your summer home an inviting atmosphere – well worth taking the time for.

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Paint and Repurpose Furniture

Breathe life into your cheap summer house! Take an old piece of furniture and inject a much-needed facelift. Give it a new coat of paint to make it look brand spankin’ new again or try out some distressing techniques, like sanding, for that antique style we all love. You can even find yourself repurposing materials from other items – get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Nothing quite freshens up your summer retreat like a change of colour! Whether you’re after something light and airy to achieve that dream beach cottage feel, or want to add some extra zest with some brighter hues, painting is an affordable solution. Don’t forget you can use the same trick for any furniture too – why not give old pieces new life by giving them a lick of paint? Or if you’d prefer something different, try reupholstering the cushions and watch as it totally transforms their look and feel.

Update Soft Furnishings

Gotta keep up with those soft furnishings! Get that living room lit, the cushions overflowing and curtains cascading. And don’t forget the final touch – a lamp or two for some extra pizzaz. Time to make it comfy cozy in there. Now, let’s lighten the place up!

Liven up your beach pad with a few changes to the soft furnishings. Swapping those outdated cushions, woolly throws and weathered curtains with some fresh and vibrant ones – perfect for upping that summery vibe! It doesn’t have to break the bank either; why not head to discount stores or take it one step further and make your own cushion covers? DIY-ing it lends more of a unique touch – win-win!

Enhance Outdoor Spaces

With the right touches, you’ll go from garden-variety to extraordinary in no time. Spruce up your landscape with pops of color by planting flowering shrubs and trees. Or use warm tones for an inviting atmosphere – like adding cozy furniture or lighting fixtures. Get creative! Strut your stuff and give the outdoors a personality all its own – something as unique as you are! After all, when it comes to style, there’s nothing quite like making lands speak about who we really are.

As the days get sunnier and longer, invigorate your outdoor space! Whether you’ve got a patio or deck, give it some love by giving it a good clean and power wash. 

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Bring in Natural Elements

Now with nature at our fingertips, let’s bring the outside world inside. Incorporate plants or other natural elements in your home to make a tranquil environment. 

Welcome the best of nature to your summer home by introducing natural elements that can provide a tranquil atmosphere. To achieve this, think outside the box and use items such as shells, driftwood, and pebbles for decoration. 

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