How to Refresh Your Living Room

The kitchen is traditionally seen as the heart of the home, however, many will argue that the heart really lies in the living room.

After a long day at work, there is no better feeling than collapsing on the couch and putting your feet up. When friends and family come to visit, the living room is a place to chat, laugh and catch up. On the weekends, it can transform into a home cinema as Netflix is opened to settle in for a movie.

We enjoy much of our free time in the space, so investing in some cosy touches and stylish decorations can make it even more liveable. Here are three easy ways to refresh your living room without breaking the bank.

Live in colour

Bring a bland, tired space back to life with colour; whether you choose to go bold or splash accents of colour throughout the room.

If you are eager to tackle a DIY job, then painting is an inexpensive way to transform your living room. Set aside a weekend to pull on an old t-shirt and grab a paintbrush. Bright whites are fresh and can act as a blank canvas for your design vision, however, choosing bold pops of your favourite colour can really show off your personality.
Live in colour

If don’t want to commit to major changes, try adding colourful accessories such as contrasting cushions, patterned throws or a feature rug to catch attention.

Use the wall space

Overfilling your living room with furniture or decorations can leave it feeling cramped and claustrophobic. Look up and use the walls to create excitement without sacrificing floor space.

Striking prints not only look great, but they can also start conversations. Catch eyes with a large standalone piece in black and white or create a grouping of smaller, complimentary prints. When choosing prints, filling the available space is ideal. Be sure to take measurements to avoid choosing anything too big or too small.

For a personal touch, adorn the walls with photos of your loved ones or your travels.
It is so easy to print and share photos at the click of a button, so frame some happy snaps and create a photo gallery. Choose the same sized frames for a cohesive look or shake things up with different shapes and sizes to create interest.

Strategically placed mirrors can work wonders to make a room feel bigger and brighter. Their reflections catch the light and create the illusion of space, and can be particularly handy when your living room is on the smaller side.

Add some greenery

Lately, it seems a wave of green thumbs have emerged and many are trying their hand tending to indoor greenery. It is not only a great hobby but an easy way to breathe natural life into your living room.

There are houseplants to suit all levels of skill and obsession, ranging from resilient plants requiring minimal care to more unique plants that thrive on TLC.

For beginners after a boho vibe in their living room, cacti are a go-to. As they survive the desert, they can surely survive in your living room! Depending on the type of cactus and its size, a weekly drink of water should be sufficient.
Add some greenery
The “swiss cheese plant” or “Monstera deliciosa” was big in the 1980s and has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. Originating from South American rainforests, the plant will infuse a tropical feel to your living room with its wide, holey foliage. It will be happy in a brightly lit room and only requires moderate watering, making it an easy indoor plant to spruce up your space.

For those interested in taking a bit of a shortcut in decorating their home with plants, we’d recommend “Artificial Palm Trees”, or “Fake Palm Trees” as they sometimes are being referred too. If you want a review of the best artificial palm trees, check out InspirelivingHQ, where they list the hottest one right now. They look great, you can either have them indoors or outdoors and are really easy to handle.

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