How To Refresh Your College Apartment in a Scandinavian Style


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Students are young, energetic, cheerful, and completely free (excluding lectures and sessions and home tasks which are helped by essay writing service). Living conditions for those receiving higher education should be in line with their rhythm of life and provide comfort.

 A hall is a place where students spend almost all their free time. A room for two or even four people often becomes not only a bedroom but also a kitchen, wardrobe, and office. Given these challenges, budget repairs in the hostel must take into account all needs. How to change your “home” and refresh the design?

Popular Interior of the XXI Century

Scandinavian style is one of the most popular in the interiors of the XXI century. It will be loved for its simplicity and coziness, which together can create a comfortable space for the modern student. One can even gift Scandinavian homeware from Scandinavian Pantry to his friends or loved ones to refresh their appartment.  

The ideal Scandinavian interior is based on functionality, pragmatism, and pure aesthetics of minimalism. Scandinavian style can be called both complex and simple. And it may seem boring somewhere, due to the lack of expensive and lush jewelry. And, even though this style has been around for more than two hundred years, today it continues to gain popularity among young people. Typical of northern styles: plenty of white, natural wood texture, and juicy colors as accents in some areas. Tastes that value comfort and coziness. This style is more often chosen by people who are committed to family values. 

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What does it look like?

Scandinavian style it is :

  • Straight lines 

 The fundamental elements of the interior – furniture, windows, decor, etc. made in the cut of “clean” straight lines. They accentuate the Scandinavian style and add even more space to the interior. 

  • Lots of light  

Natural light is an integral part of the Scandinavian interior. That is why most projects made in this style are designed with large windows that allow enough light to enter the room. 

  • Using wood 

 One of the central materials for the Scandinavian style is wood. It is used not only in furniture but also in various decorative items. 

  • Hygge philosophy 

 Scandinavians are considered the happiest people in the world. Their perception of happiness is based on banal things – communication with friends, feelings of warmth and comfort, etc. These are the simple values ​​they try to embody in the interior. So you can’t do without upholstered furniture.

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What colors to use?

1. The basic color in the Scandinavian interior should be neutral, in most cases it is white or ivory. In the classic version, white is present in all elements, floor, walls, and ceiling. 

2. Take into account one more basic color that fills the room – the color of light wood. Furniture made of such wood is the best you can wish for, the warmth of the wood warms the cold white color and balances the bright colors. Furniture can also be white. Other interpretations are possible. 

3. Floors, frames, doors, “boxes” of doorways – white, the color of snowfields. The best options for walls are colors of the pale palette: beige, blue, creamy, ivory. The floor and some accents can be almost black. 

This is what is needed to create a modern level of comfort. Pure white gives space to the imagination and gives a feeling of boundless freedom, bright tones create style and mood. 

 The best solution for the floor will be the color from the lightest, bleached wood, to a warmer, brown, or brown color. The main task when choosing the color and texture of the floor for the Scandinavian interior – that it served as a background for furniture, as well as walls.

Advice for students to make your room cozy

1. Uses the combinations of contrast colors like classic versions of black and white or white and grey. The room decorated in this way looks stylish and chic.

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2. When choosing light sources, in the Scandinavian interior. Give a preference to diverse, unusual, but again, mostly with white lampshades and steel stands and “horns”. Floor lamps in the corners, spotlights on the walls for lighting, a central chandelier, and built-in niche lighting are hard to overdo, and as a result, the Scandinavian-style room becomes very bright and cozy at any time of day. 

3. Use a wide variety of decorative items to emphasize the coziness and style of your room: candles of nude colors, photo frames of classic shapes, oil and acrylic painting, leather decorative elements, cozy knitted blankets and cushions, oval mirrors, posters, pillowcases, and tablecloth made of natural fabrics, leather, and fur, wicker boxes, and live plants.

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4. We recommend paying attention to the furniture of the synthetic fillers. The high-performance properties of the material will help to make a foundation that will last more than one season without losing its original volume and elasticity. The variety of densities of furniture filler allows you to choose the most adapted option for a soft base for the students’ bed.

5. A universal thing in the style of minimalism, which fits well into almost any room made in the Scandinavian style. The surface of the pouf is connected with ropes. This adds a special coziness to the interior. To maintain a rounded shape, the structure itself consists of a fabric base, which is filled with synthetic balls. And it is on this soft construction that the “knitted top” is stretched. 

6. Scandinavian style loves pillows and the students love it too. They are sure to be used in the bedroom, not only for sleeping and relaxing but also as an additional element of home comfort. The living room is complemented by more decorative or furniture pillows on which they often sit or simply use to create their comfort. 

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Scandinavian style, popular since the 1950s, remains one of the most relevant designs today to create a cozy home or a comfortable office atmosphere. You can see that students can also make their apartments more stylish with Due to the peculiarities of the northern Scandinavian climate with a small number of sunny days, this interior style has such a distinctive feature as a large amount of light and appropriate shades.

Jilian Woods as an essay writer, and as a journalist, and as a publisher mentioned that modesty and aesthetic simplicity in the Scandinavian style are successfully combined with the versatility and functionality of even small things. Neutral colors and geometrically correct, straight lines effectively transform any room into an elegantly decorated space and are truly timeless. The interior with large and bright rooms, comfortable upholstered furniture, decoration with natural materials – all this captivates connoisseurs of naturalness, versatility, and unobtrusiveness.

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