How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer


Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer 1

The summer season has sunny days and sweltering temperatures. While most homeowners look forward to pool parties, more time outdoors, and breaking out those summer outfits, you shouldn’t forget your air conditioning system.   

Generally, you probably haven’t used your AC since last summer. Thus, you want to take the time to check up on your cooling system, ensuring that you get comfortable and cool indoor temperatures during the warmer season ahead.   

In this article, read a few tips on preparing your AC for the summer, from calling the best air conditioning services Auburn, AL, and similar service providers to keeping up with your home’s insulation.   

Hire A Professional 

Before switching systems for the summer season, you must call an expert to check your AC system.   

A service contractor can help clean your AC and provide professional tune-up before the hot season starts. They can inspect your cooling system, ensuring all components and parts work correctly. Professionals can help maintain critical areas such as condensers, refrigerants, and drain lines. They can also level your AC to ensure proper functioning and prevent stuck liquids. They can inspect electrical wiring for damages or loose connections, preventing system failures and risks of fires.   

A regular preventive AC inspection allows experts to pinpoint potential costly issues and resolve them immediately to ensure your system works smoothly throughout the summer.   

However, most air conditioning services are often busy before and during summer. As such, you must schedule an AC repair and preventive maintenance beforehand to save cost and time.   

Clean The Area Around The Outdoor Unit 

Clearing away any debris around the outside unit of your AC system helps prevent issues over time. When dirty, it can overheat and prevents it from cooling properly. It causes extra pressure on your AC and shortens its lifespan. Worse, it can cause your AC system to shut down in the middle of the summer, leaving you and your family in uncomfortable indoor temperatures.   

As such, you want to take the time to clean the surrounding area. Make sure to cut or remove weeds, leaves, bushes, tree branches, and other materials that may obstruct airflow. Generally, you want to create a clear radius area of up to two feet around your AC, ensuring proper airflow.   

Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer 2

 Replace The Filter 

Changing the filter is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your AC for the summer season. Although this is often included in a professional tune-up, you should still check it every month. Ideally, AC filters should be replaced or cleaned (if you have reusable filters) every 2-3 months or more frequently if it appears dirty.  

A clogged or dirty filter can force your air conditioner to work harder, which will reflect on your monthly electricity bill. Dirty filters also contribute to poor indoor air quality, causing breathing issues and allergy symptoms. If left alone, it shortens the AC’s lifespan and causes it to break down. If you’re unsure where the filter is located, you can check the manual that came with your unit.  

Conduct A Test Run 

Don’t wait for the temperatures to be uncomfortably hot before switching your thermostat from heating to cooling. Testing your AC unit before summer can kick-start the system and ensure it can keep your home cool.  

Let your AC run for an hour, and take note of the temperature. Check if the indoor temperature matches your thermostat setting. You may need to use a portable temperature sensor to check the efficiency and accuracy of your thermostat and AC performance.  

Prep Your Home Too 

Preparing your home for the summer works hand in hand with getting your AC ready and functioning efficiently during the hotter season.   

Tasks such as sealing doors and windows, replacing weather stripping, proper insulation, and using anti-UV window treatments can help ensure your home is adequately insulated. It helps keep all the cool temperatures inside instead of letting them escape outside while allowing the warmer air in.   

By preparing your home, your AC can work more efficiently with less strain. It helps you achieve the proper indoor temperatures to stay comfortable.   


Taking the time for an AC tune-up can help ensure that your cooling unit functions efficiently and appropriately throughout the hot summer. You can fix and prevent potential issues with proper preparation, providing you and your family can stay comfortable even with the sweltering heat outside.

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