How to Plan a Move

No matter what angle the move is viewed from, it is always a big and in a certain sense destructive change that requires a lot of time and effort to make everything go smoothly. Clear and detailed planning can help this process run even more smoothly. Your life will be easier if you address part of your moving to professionals. Check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. 

Decide how much time you have before moving.

Even if you have very little time, a few minutes spent planning and organizing the process of collecting and packing things will help you make the most of the remaining time.

If you have a lot of time, you can plan everything in more detail and save more time and money.

Estimate the distance you will be moving. 

Moving within your city limits is a task that you can easily handle on your own, just using a rented truck for large furniture. Moving for longer distances or even to another country may require sending your belongings with a transport company. And the further away your destination is, the more you need a reliable moving company that will take care of your belongings, including pets.

In the case of international moving, keep in mind possible customs duties, sanitary and epidemiological checks of imported items, and the choice of a suitable method of transportation and storage of items on arrival.

Evaluate your budget. 

Will you hire special people to do all the work, or will you rent a car and move everything yourself? Have you already saved the required amount? Do you still have time to save enough money to move? Perhaps your employer will cover some of the costs?

If the employer will help you with the move, then make sure that everything is recorded in writing, including various additional oral agreements. Often not everything goes smoothly, and you will need written confirmation that you will be reimbursed.

Written records of expenses will also be required for settlements with the transport company. Make sure that you have announced the estimate in advance, that the inventory of accepted items is drawn up correctly and signed by you and the moving company.

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Stock up on enough time. 

If this is possible (according to the terms of the lease or purchase of housing), then move into a new home before you need to completely vacate the old one. Even a few days will save your nerves and save you from stress, as well as save you from the need for a hasty move in one day or from the need to store things in a temporary warehouse. A stock of a few days will be very useful if you have any delays with the sale of old housing.

If the dates of departure from the old housing and entry into the new one do not coincide, and you still have to use a temporary warehouse for storing things, then look for transport companies that have suitable warehouses. In this case, you can use the services of only one company that can provide you with a full range of services. Because the more companies involved in the relocation process, the more nervous and difficult the whole process will be for you.

If the move came as a surprise to you, for example, if the landlord decided to sell the house in which you rent, or you were transferred to a new position abroad, you still need some minimum time to collect things and find a new home. In this case, your priority should be to find a new home, but it is still worth staying multitasking to be able to search and collect things. Otherwise, you may simply not have enough time.

Too much time between leaving the old place and entering the new one can significantly hit the pocket. Don’t pay double the rent for longer than you actually need to. If possible, put things for a while in the garage of relatives or friends instead of a paid warehouse.

Decide what things you can give up.

Of course, this is a personal matter for everyone, but it is still better not to take things with you that you may well part with. Moving is a great reason to make a radical decision about the fate of things that you no longer need or that you no longer use. Remember that you will need to find a healthy balance between the time spent sorting personal items and the money and effort spent packing and transporting them.

If you move frequently, try to keep the necessary minimum of personal items.

If you move into a smaller apartment than the current one, you will have no choice but to get rid of some things. This, of course, can add even more stress, but usually freeing yourself from old things, you take a big step towards a new life.

Get rid when moving

Think about how you can get rid of things that can’t be given to charity and can’t be recycled. If you just collect everything you don’t need and throw it away, then there’s certainly nothing to plan for. But if it is something bulky, and you need the services of special companies for garbage collection, it is better to take care of it in advance and hire one of these companies. If you have a dumpster near your home, it will make your task much easier.

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Decide what to do with the remaining food.

If you still have time before departure, then you can go through your supplies in the refrigerator and pantry, sort them out and try to use something before departure, and take something with you. If you do not have time to use all the remaining products, or do not have time to pack them for transportation, then consider giving them to those in need (orphanages, nursing homes, etc.). Or you may want to give them to friends or neighbors.

In the case of moving abroad, the question of transporting food is unlikely to arise at all. Hand out everything you can, from spices to chocolates. If you want to take your favorite bottle of wine with you, then study in advance the rules for the import and consumption of alcohol in the country of your destination. There are a large number of different rules and bans on the importation of alcohol and food from abroad, and they are different in each country.

Hire movers

If you and your friends can take out and load the sofa yourself, then, of course, there are no questions. But if you need to move some really big, heavy or fragile object (like, for example, a piano), then you may need special help.

When moving long distances, first check with the moving company what packaging materials they use and how exactly they pack the cargo. Also ask them about the company’s rules and procedures in case of cargo damage. 

If you will attract third-party people to transport valuables, then first find out as much feedback as possible from people who have used their services. Are they satisfied with the services they received? Check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote

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