How to Pick the Right Hardwood Flooring Company


Refinished hardwood floor
Hardwood flooring is the perfect way to give your home a new look and increase its resale value. However, installing new hardwood floors or refinishing your current ones is a big investment, especially if done incorrectly. With that said, it is very important that you choose the right hardwood floor installation and sanding company for the job.

Prepping and refinishing your hardwoods are not easy tasks to tackle on your own. Most floors need to be prepped, sanded and sealed prior to finishing. The process can take several days or weeks depending on the wood and needs of the homeowner. Fortunately, many flooring companies offer both prep and finish services so you don’t have to tackle those tasks alone.

When you are looking for hardwood floor refinishing services, here are some things that may be important to you:


We use experience as our top factor because there are many factors that can affect the scope of a project. Working with an experienced flooring company ensures that they have the expertise and know-how to address any issues or hiccups right at the start of your project. This helps you stay within your budget and schedule, while also providing high quality workmanship and standards. If you’re ready to get started on your next refinishing or sealing project, get in touch with us today!

Excellent Customer Service

Whether you are doing a smaller job or undertaking a large-scale remodel or addition, you will likely have individuals working in and around your home for days or weeks. It’s important that you take the time to interview all of your possible contractors, ask questions and understand how they will keep your home clean, safe from damage and how they will communicate with you.

Finding the right flooring company is important, especially if you are doing a large project such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel. The good news is that you will want to make sure you choose one who is timely, respectful, honest, and delivers a quality product. To determine this factor, referrals or checking online reviews is your safest bet.


Access to Quality Product Lines

The very first thing you should know when you’re in the market for new flooring is what materials are available to you. Be sure to ask your sales representative what materials they use, and do extensive research on these brands. This flooring will be in your home for many years to come; you want it to last and meet your needs. Furthermore, it has the potential to increase your home’s value, so it’s best to know that whatever material you choose is considered top of the line by trade professionals.

Cheap vs. Expensive

Home improvement services are nothing to be taken lightly. The saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true in this industry, so make sure you thoroughly research each company before choosing them as your provider. Keep in mind that low prices aren’t always a sign of quality, or even being better than others.

Price is an important factor when it comes to your laminate flooring project, but we aren’t saying choosing the most expensive option is the right choice either. Follow the suggestions above, and then narrow your choices down to a few companies and take advantage of a free, in-home estimate and go from there.

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