How to Pick Rustic Furniture for Your Home

For anyone looking for a simple way to design their home without compromising on style and beauty, going rustic can be a good idea. Rustic design for interior spaces allows you to integrate an organic feel into the home and thus brings a natural elegance into a space.

How to choose rustic furniture for your home

Rustic design comprises rugged beauty and sophistication. Rustic furniture is created from an array of organic material that makes a space look warm and inviting.

Here is how you choose rustic furniture

Wooden designs are key

Rustic designs are usually centred on wooden furniture. Bare wooden furniture items and reclaimed wood pieces are common in spaces that strive for a rustic theme. Therefore, ensure you go for bare wooden items for your rustic theme.

Show natural grains and knots

The furniture you go for should show the natural knots and grains of the wood they were created from. The beauty of rustic furniture lies in its natural beauty and the craftsmanship. Most furniture used to bring out the rustic theme will resemble those found in log cabins or forest cottages. Logs cut into halves can be used for seating while the upholstery pieces are earth tones.


rustic furniture

When you think of rustic designs, you should think of simplicity. This is showcased in the wood’s natural elements and how it is left exposed. A good way to bring out simplicity is by going for rustic furniture that gives the unfinished look.

Dark colors

Another way to bring out the rustic effect on wood is by finishing it with a dark, sultry color. Food options include dark grey or charcoal grey. It gives it a rustic but modern effect. Colors are elements that can be used to make wooden pieces look rustic and contemporary at the same time.

Iron is also rustic

While most people base their rustic style on wood, iron is also another way of bringing out the rustic feel in your home. Iron decor items with interesting patterns can blend in with rustic wooden furniture.

If you are not too sure about what to get for your rustic home design, sites such as decorami offer a wide range of rustic home decor items to choose from. This makes your selecting process easier without going outside your desired theme.

Rustic interior decor dos and don’ts

For you to achieve a rustic look for your spaces there are certain rules you will need to adhere to. Here are the dos and don’ts for rustic decor.

Always look worn and older

Your rustic design decorating elements should always have the old and worn look. Even when your rustic items are brand new, you can give them artificial wear to make them look and feel more rustic. For instance, you can apply crackle paint on a new table or do a paint treatment on it to bring out that rustic effect.

Do not paint over your rustic furniture

Unless you are using crackle paint on your rustic furniture, you should not apply coats of paint on them. If you have exposed beams or wall stonework exposing, you should not paint over them as this makes them lose the rustic effect. Home rustic designs rely on the beauty of the outdoors. Therefore, you want to show a bit more natural beauty of a space as opposed to covering it with paint.

Rough and rugged

Whatever design elements you choose to use, they need to look rough and ragged. For example, you can use braided rags for the floor, wooden centrepieces and vases, as well as boldly patterned throw pillows as good examples of rustic decor items.

Avoid fussy and chic designs

Rustic design deco should evoke raw elegance and simplicity for anyone who walks into your space. Therefore, you need to avoid using chic drapery and fussy fabrics in your design project. Any space with a rustic design will not have faux fabrics or frills. Any metal embellishments must be rustic.

Go for natural fibers

rustic furniture
You need to choose material made from natural fibers like linen and cotton when picking drapery for your rustic design. Avoid using heavy material like damask as you are trying to go for a simplistic design.

Keep it airy

A space with rustic interior should be airy and open where rooms flow from one to the next with few or no blockers. For instance, you can have the dining area blending into the living space. Avoid using dividers unless it is completely necessary.

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