How To Pick A Living Room Paint Color?

Painting your living room is a tough project. It requires all your focus to make it appealing to your guests and relaxing for your family. Living room paint colors have constantly been changing, following the home fashion trends. However, it would be better to know more about the paint colors and the proper way to test them and find the ideal one for your living room. You can learn more about American Veteran Paintings exterior painting options here. Since there is no general rule about picking the right living room paint color, the following steps will make it easier for you. 

Get Inspiration Online And From Friends

Social media like Pinterest is one of the best ways to inspire yourself about painting colors. Many threads show different paint colors in various living rooms, and by going through all those threads, you will be able to choose the right color for your living room. Another source of inspiration would be visiting the homes of other friends and family. Their living room color tone and how satisfied they are with it can be quite an assistance to your efforts. 

Don’t Rush

There is no reason to rush when picking the right paint color for your living room. You will not have the chance to repaint your living room for several years. Therefore, you need to spend time checking color palettes from different companies and checking the more detailed ones. Today, paint companies offer you dozens of different tones of the same initial color. You should spend time with your professional painting contractor and analyze each of these palettes separately.

Ask The Experts

Before choosing the paint color for your living room, you should consider seeking the advice of a professional painting contractor and an interior designer. Painting contractors have been on the job site for many years. They know the best solution for each family needs, and consider both the home location and the natural light in their selection.

Interior designers can match your inner thoughts and desires with the paint color of the living room. These two experts could work together to provide you with some proposals about the paint color, but they will let you make the final decision yourself.

Check Trends On Home Fashion Magazines

Home fashion magazines are everywhere. You can visit their websites and get some ideas about America’s most stylish living rooms. Celebrities always picture themselves in their living rooms, which could give you more information on each one’s color criteria. Fashion magazines allow you to compare the room styles and furniture to the wall colors. It’s a difficult procedure, but it will give you some ideas on the perfect paint color for your living room. 

All living rooms don’t have the same surface. That’s why you need to match the ideas taken from living rooms similar to yours. The same color looks different in smaller spaces, which you should avoid copying when going through fashion magazines.

Living Room Paint Color3

Use Color Testers

Color testers are one of the best ways to find the right paint color for your living room. It’s better to get some of your most favorite color testers and paint one wall with them. That’s the only way to have a real-time test of how the color looks in your living room. Additionally, you can match it with your interior lighting and check if it’s suitable for the rest of the house. 

It’s important to paint one wall at a time and let it dry before you start checking its quality. That procedure could be time-consuming for your painter and could significantly elevate the painting costs. 

Match Your Paint Colors With Furniture And Fabrics

Even the best paint colors won’t look right if you fail to match them with your furniture and fabrics. First, take a look at your furniture and try to find matching color tones through the palette. Then you could experiment with different tones and see how they match. Today there is some software available online to integrate the image of your living room with your existing furniture and fabrics. Then you can change the paint colors of the walls and ceiling to see how they match each other. 

Finding the right paint color for your living room is time-consuming and requires lots of attention. However, the final result will amaze your guests and upgrade your home’s value.

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