How to Organize Your Underwear Drawer


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You need to have your house organized, which you started with the topic of organizing shoes and bags, organizing drawers. A storage space that you do not always use efficiently. When it comes to reorganizing at home, personally, I prefer to do it by rooms (as you may have already realized) instead of by categories (clothes, books, etc.). I am talking about when you have to attack an entire room and not just a piece of furniture or an uncontrolled wardrobe. 

By doing it room by room you see the progress concentrated in the same space. Giving you the possibility of seeing results and filling you with satisfaction when you manage to overcome each phase of the organization process. But, as I have written on other occasions, neither all solutions nor all organizational methods are equally valid for all of us. That is why we must extract what is best for each one of us and accommodate it to our needs. 

I insist on this very much, because we must not insist on making a system or a solution work for us that is not valid for all of us. Organizational methods (including mine) must be understood as a simple guide to help each of us think about what is best for us.

Is your underwear drawer a mess? Can’t you find that bra you love so much, and when you do, it’s warped and wrinkled? Keeping your underwear drawer tidy is hard, but with these tricks your drawers will look like a professional organizer. 

As tidying guru Marie Kondo says, “Effective organization involves two essential actions: removing things and deciding where to store them. Of these two, elimination comes first.” So the first step to make your underwear drawer your greatest pride as an organizer is to empty it. Separate each type of garment into piles: panties on the one hand, thongs on the other, fine lingerie, bras… Analyze all the underwear you have and assess if anything needs to be removed. Maybe a bra that comes off the underwire or is too tight or a stretched-out panty that you don’t wear anymore.

Analyze what type of underwear you use on a daily basis. If, for example, you exercise regularly, set aside a place to store your sports bras and panties so that when you go to wear them, you can easily locate them. The same if you have bodysuits, garters or fine lingerie that you use sporadically. We suggest you to use a Lifewit 25 PCS drawer organizer set.

Allocate a place for these garments where they are protected and well stored. It would be a bummer if a bra snag messed up such a pretty lingerie set! Keep the most special underwear in a box inside the closet, in a place where it is out of the way but accessible.

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Methods for organizing underwear

There are several methods to fold your underwear, and this will depend on where you are going to store it. If it goes in a drawer, fold each of the garments as Marie Kondo has taught us. Place the panties and thongs – also Brazilians and culottes – upside down and bring the crotch part up to the waist. Then fold each of the sides to the center over the crotch area. Then, roll the panties from the bottom up. So what you will see will be the front part of the panties or thong.

To organize your underwear according to the Konmari method, store it in a small dresser or closet drawer like the Lifewit 4/6 PCS Underwear Organizer. Place each of the panties vertically, so that when you open the drawer, you can see all of them without having to go through and mess it up even more.

One with a depth of 10 cm will be enough to put all your panties and thongs or briefs. Use underwear organizers, either with individual or larger compartments, so you can store them according to categories: panties, thongs, bras…

There are also fabric organizers that hang from a hanger. This method is great if you don’t have a lot of drawer space. In addition, you will be able to see all your underwear easily! Hanging from a hanger, it takes up very little space. Hang it behind the bedroom door or inside the closet.

How to order bras

These types of garments tend to deform and stretch over time, especially if they are not stored and washed properly. Surely, if you open your underwear drawer, the bras are folded in on themselves, with one of the cups inside out and straps and clasp hidden in the cups. But that’s how they deform and spoil.

So that this does not happen, Marie Kondo – like most professional organizers – recommends storing the bras in parallel, one after the other. Hide the straps and the brooch inside the cups and, whether they are underwired, wired or strapless, you will be able to locate the one you want quickly and at a glance.

You can separate them from the rest of your underwear with a box in which to keep them organized and prevent them from being scattered, which can happen if you have them loose in the drawer. There are organizers for bras in which you can store each garment in different compartments so that they do not deform or get caught with each other. What a pleasure to open the drawers and enjoy your order!

What if I go on a trip?

It is common, when we go on vacation, to wear underwear for as many days as we are going to be away –no washing machines on vacation, thanks!–. But it is also common that, on the third day, you are unable to find a clean panty or a bra without taking everything out of the suitcase. Don’t despair! There are practical (and very pretty) travel organizers for your underwear. We recommend these Lifewit 25 PCS drawer organizer set. Store panties and bras in the different compartments using the same method as in your drawers: you will find everything at once and not a single garment will be deformed.

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