How to Organize a Storage Unit To Maximize Your Space



Unsure how to organize your storage unit in south Austin? You’re not alone! Many people use storage units to store items they no longer need or want, but with no clear plan of what’s inside, clutter can start to take over your life. Luckily, with these tips on organizing a storage unit, you’ll be able to make the most of your space, save money, and have more time back in your day.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing a Storage Unit

Having looked at several reasons why people store their belongings in storage units, we can discuss the systemic approach of how you can organize South Austin storage units to maximize space.

Step 1 – Create a to-do list.

The first step to organizing is to create a list of everything you have stored in your storage unit. It might seem tedious, but it’ll make it much easier for you in the long run. Assign each item to its room in the storage unit and figure out how much space it will take up. 

Remember to consider what will happen if one area is full but another isn’t. You can also keep an inventory list to stay organized and to remember what belongs in your storage unit.

Step 2 – Rather than cardboard boxes, consider storing items in clear bins.

Doing this will make it much easier to see what you have at a glance and may even encourage you to get organized by separating similar items into bins. Plus, if you need to make space quickly, it’s so much easier when everything is out in the open with nothing hidden behind piles of boxes. 

Clear tubs are versatile enough to store just about anything from holiday decorations to children’s toys or car parts; there is no limit.Moreover, cardboard boxes are difficult to stack, easy to damage, and don’t last very long before they begin to decompose.Plastic bins last much longer. If you’re on vacation and planning to keep your things in storage until you return, you can use them for temporary or long-term storage.

Step 3 – Disassemble furniture and store them upright.

Disassembly of furniture and putting them upright is another tip to maximize space. You can do this with chairs, dressers, tables, etc. To properly safeguard your items, you must find the best ways to ensure they’re not crushed, scratched, or otherwise in the time to logically organize them will help them to last.Look for furniture with drawers, which can make finding things easier. Get rid of the cushions from chairs and sofas, too, if you can. 

Covering up these pieces with curtains or plastic will help protect them from dust and scratches, and the added measure will shield them from accidental knocks. It’s best not to forget to put the screws or nails into plastic bags so they don’t rust. If you have any paint or stains on the furniture, it’s best to seal it with wax or some other sealant before storing it to protect it from dust and moisture damage. Also, be sure not to put anything on top of these items, as this could damage them when you take them out later.

Step 4 – Store larger, heavy items at the bottom and towards the back.

It’s better to store large, heavy items towards the back and bottom. You may want to try storing things on the walls to give the storage unit some extra stability. Storage could be boxes on top of taller items, heavy items in the corner, or installed shelves in your area. Don’t forget about doors if you put large, heavy items at the bottom of your South Austin storage units. To open them, you need enough space so they won’t hit something when they swing open.

Step 5 – Store items that you frequently need towards the front.

You need to organize your items next by storing the things you always need near the front so you can quickly access them when needed. This will also save you time by allowing you to retrieve what you need without searching through the entire unit.

Therefore, it is recommendable that there only be one storage bin on each shelf rather than grouping all the storage bins, then moving them up the shelves. Clean-up will be much easier since everything will be within easy reach.

Step 6 – Go Vertical.

To go vertical in this perspective means stacking things on top of each other. You can put the taller items in the front so they are closer to the door when you go to grab them. The shorter items should be in the back. You will want to use boxes or buckets to organize your things better and make it easier for you to grab what you need. 

Step 7 – Label every box and bin inside the storage unit.

Mark every box and container inside the storage unit to keep track of what’s stored inside it. Labeling also makes the contents easier to identify. Also, keeping your items won’t be a problem. Create labels on both sides of the container or box. Remove or update any expired labels when away from the storage unit for more than 90 days.


Reasons people might need to rent a storage unit

Before discussing the tips for organizing, it’s crucial to address some reasons people might need to rent a storage unit. Budget, home size, or work needs often determine these reasons. 

For example, if you’re building up savings or have an inheritance, it may be worth renting a storage unit to store some things while waiting for their value to go up.  Anyway, let’s go ahead and address some of those reasons.

1) Life transitions

The transition is challenging whether you are moving to another or from one state to another. Make the process easier by preparing your new home with the things that will make it feel like home. If you research in advance, you can find great deals on all the essentials for your new lifestyle when you’re ready to settle down.

2) Renovating your home

Along with freeing up space during renovations, another good reason to rent a storage unit is to have a place to put the furniture you can’t move. Renovations can take a while, and you won’t be able to move your furniture anywhere. If you don’t have a spare room at home, it’s time to rent a storage unit. This way, you can buy all the new furniture for your living room or bedroom without worrying about where to put the old furniture.

3) Business Storage

It is very important to keep track of your stored items to avoid double-ups and reduce the possibility of theft or misplacement. Small and medium businesses often use storage units to manage their inventory. Including photographs of your items and any identifying information about the item may be helpful. The last thing you want is for your inventory to disappear.

4) Decluttering

To avoid needing a bigger home in the future, you should work on decluttering your house. The best way to do this is by sorting your items into different piles. For now, put all the things you don’t know what to do within these four piles: those you want to keep, those you’re not sure about, those you want to throw away, and those you want to store.

Decluttering provides benefits such as relief from the feeling of owning too much stuff and saves you money on buying storage units. On top of making space for new memories and open views, decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary things can make it easier to downsize in the future.

6) Apartment Living

If you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment, consider renting a storage unit to store those items you have that you don’t use but don’t want to throw away. Now you’ll be able to save up all that storage space that your tiny living space takes up for all the extra furnishings, kitchenware, clothes, and other things that can’t fit. 

5) Military Living

The constantly changing scenery and mobile lifestyle of military members can also add to the difficulties of keeping an organized storage unit. This is the cause of the indecision, leaving many families torn between moving their storage unit or keeping it in their previous home. 

7) Storing a Vehicle

It is important to consider vehicle storage units in these situations since you can store the vehicle for as long as you need without taking up valuable space in your home. Storage units are often cheaper than an outside provider’s garage or parking space. They are also safe, secure, and out of the way, so they are a great choice for those trying to save on transportation.


Don’t let an overflowing storage space ruin your quality of life. Follow these guidelines for packing and organizing to free up some much-needed space at home. With plenty of South Austin Storage Units in the area, it’s never been easier to declutter while saving money on rent or mortgage payments, knowing that all of your most important possessions are safe.Let’s not forget how easy it is to find good deals on South Austin storage units too! With all these perks, it’s no wonder that South Austin has some of the best public self-storage facilities around.

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