How to Make Your Video More Attractive on YouTube

Appealing a human can be one of the most tasking things to do because humans are highly-demanding creatures. Imagine when it boils down to getting them to notice you. You could either grab their attention by offering them less-priced deals through images, adverts, captions, videos, or customized messages. However, one of the most commonly used methods many people prefer is offering cheap views on videos with online platforms to draw customers’ attention. One of such platforms where you get cheap views on YouTube is

This method is probably the most effective means because of its high visual content, which carries your message straight to the brain. What this suggests is that humans are visual beings. We find videos more involving and memorable than any other type of content. But, what if they do not have the content to grab the audience’s attention?

In recent times, over 81% of business owners use videos as a marketing strategy, and every year the rate of video consumption increases by 100%. From an average of ten persons, six would prefer watching YouTube to movies or television, and users view online programs for more than one billion hours every day. Even about 72% of the population would prefer learning about a service or product via videos. What then does this mean? In simple terms, they are critical in our life. However, only high-quality, short, and informative-filled content can attract and make users subscribe to your posts. It is why it is necessary to make your channel more attractive on YouTube.

Want to turn your YouTube videos into catchier ones? Here are some tips to get that traffic on your channel.

Tips to Make Videos More Attractive

1. Build Content on A Single Topic

One of the best ways to make your YouTube videos attractive is to focus its message or content on a specific keyword. In essence, the topic will more or less be the SEO keyword. So, you do not want to miss this step. This step is important because it helps you create and gather the best information on the chosen topic. But don’t forget to keep the message short and simple.

2. Start with A Bang Hook

How you start will determine if your users will continue viewing its content or not. A bang hook will make for the best result. For instance, you could start with a short story to pique users’ interest. People love hearing a good story and will naturally stick around if it has a catching message. It gets better if the story is personal. Telling a personal story endears the anchor to the viewers. But make sure to use an introduction that relates directly to the topic.

3. Go for Short Punchy Credits and Opening Titles

It takes a few seconds to capture the viewer’s attention. If you go for long headlines and credit sequences at the beginning of your post, the watchers may lose interest quickly. So, instead, use short and punchy titles and openers. More important, it should not be more than five seconds.

4. Spice Things Up with Music

Many YouTubers make videos without any background music or playlist because they feel it may be distracting. But did you know that about 85% of YouTube users use this platform just for music? Imagine you adding a limited playlist in your content, what do you think will happen? The users will want to hear the music, and that could be the catch.

5. Use Graphics

Another method is to add graphics when passing information to the audience. Graphics could either be a picture image or a write-up. You could also have professional or comedic pictures. The serious image will focus on your presentation, while the comedic graphics keep the viewers entertained, but give the necessary information they require.

6. A Custom Thumbnail Works Magic


In any YouTube page, thumbnails are one of the most important factors that decide if you get more views or not. Why? Well, the answer is hinged on two words ‘suggested videos.’ In the online world today, they can drive organic traffic to your page. When the audience is skimming through, thumbnails play a primary role in getting them to check out your video. So, your thumbnail needs to be unique and stand out, especially when it is a suggested video.

If your video can get more clicks when it is a suggested video, the YouTube algorithm takes note of this and endorses it more to someone watching another video as one they might like. What you don’t want to forget is that YouTube wants more clicks and views on their videos. So, make sure to customize a thumbnail that will catch viewers’ attention.

7. Branding Matters


Another thing to put in mind is that having great content is not the only thing that matters. The brand or channel should also be visually appealing. If you post on online platforms that do not match viewers’ tastes, you may not get any audience at all. If you want your audience to take your videos seriously, you need to give your channel a professional look. Branding will also make your videos easily recognized by your subscribers on any platform.

8. Get Creative

When searching your keywords on YouTube, chances are that you will see a lot of videos that have identical and sometimes almost similar contents. Even the keywords most times have the same way they begin. From ten topics, you may see about six titles having the ‘how to’ phrase starting it. You need to get creative and construct value-added content and features.

Meanwhile, the nineteen-year-old YouTuber Matt Par has about one million viewers and earns more at his age because he got creative. Having up to nine different channels while creating most of his content at 10 minutes and keeping the viewers hooked with insightful content and fast cuts. The bottom line, having many YouTube channels does not matter. What matters is the content that grabs the consumer’s attention. The only way to achieve this is to make your videos attractive. Want to improve traffic on your channel and earn more? Start banking on these tips.

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