How to Make Your Pool Hotel-Worthy: Top Design Tips that Make a Big Difference


Make Your Pool Hotel-Worthy 1

We all deserve spaces that make us feel calm, relaxed, and at home. That space could be a hotel, but it’s so much better when you feel that way in your own space. It’s entirely possible to decorate and transform your home into something magazine worthy that also makes you feel tranquil and deeply relaxed, no matter what angle you look at it from. 

This is true for your interior design. It’s also true for your exterior. Don’t think that what you have is the limit, either. If you already have a pool but find it doesn’t do anything for you, then you can make changes. From dressing it up to fully remodeling it, here are the top tips to help make your pool hotel worthy in 2023.

Get It Serviced

If you have a pool, it needs to be regularly serviced and repaired. This is so that you can enjoy stress-free use, especially if there’s any sort of water feature involved. It’s also how you can protect the rest of your home. For example, getting small cracks and issues repaired as they come can reduce the risk of a leak developing in the future and flooding your backyard. 

Make Your Pool Hotel-Worthy 2

If You Can, Consider These Top Pool Remodeling Tips 

If it’s in the budget and you desperately want a different type of pool, then do it. You may have purchased your home because it has a pool, but if that pool is nothing more than an uninspiring rectangle with no shallow end, the chances are that it’s never used. You deserve a pool that you use, and that will mean hiring Clements pool services and remodeling. You can change out the tiles and design so that it reflects your style, or change the entire shape of the pool so that it has an extended shallow area that’s more relaxed to get into and more comfortable to lounge in. 

Block Out the Sun 

A part of your pool should be in the shade. A great way to do this in style is to add a veranda over the top of your pool. You can even train plants to climb over the veranda for a beautiful oasis experience. If you do train a plant to climb, then make sure it’s an evergreen variety that will maintain its leaves through the winter and doesn’t flower. This will minimize the amount you’ll need to clean out foliage from your pool. 

Create a Living-Room Inspired Patio Area

Your patio area next to the pool needs to be comfortable, social, and beautifully designed. A great way to do just that is to forget the uncomfortable poolside furniture and instead create a living room. All you need is a watertight container to house the soft furnishings when you aren’t using them and then water-resistant furniture. You can then make it feel cozy by adding an outdoor rug, an outdoor fireplace, lights and, of course, décor. Doing this will make your outdoor space so wonderful to use whether you are in your pool or not. 

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