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How to Make your Playroom Exciting

How to Make your Playroom Exciting

“Children are not a disturbance from more important work; they are the most important work,” C.S. Lewis says. Working parents with children have a hard time juggling their kids’ needs and their jobs.

Nurses or doctors who work long hours and have work-related emergencies to deal with, or teachers who spend hours preparing or grading tests, are busy and enjoy when their children keep themselves occupied in a safe and fun manner. To accomplish this, a great way to start is to make the playroom the most exciting room in the house. The room needs a friendly and inviting atmosphere for your children to want to stay there and prevent them from being bored and nagging on your scrub pants or teaching clothes, making them dirty, and telling you, “I’m bored”.
Tips to consider:
Children have a wild imagination

1.Children have a wild imagination. They need toys and games that can allow them to broaden their minds and stretch their imaginations. In general, boys need loads of trucks and cars and girls need dolls, doll houses, and kitchen toys. Believe it or not though, many boys like playing with dolls and some girls like playing with trucks and swords!

Dress up costumes can also help a lot in keeping kids entertained! Take all your old Halloween costumes and put them in a container, buy some cheap accessories in the local Dollar Store and watch the magic.
The room should be bright
2.The room should be bright. Try painting each wall a different bright color. If you need a lazy day activity, let your kids splatter one wall with all colors of the rainbow. They will feel pride in the room that they contributed to and will call it their own. Stripes, stars and hearts are cute to incorporate on an accent wall. If you don’t want to spend money on a painter, let your kids put stickers on one wall. Painting the room with your child’s favorite Disney character can be cute too! Laps come today in various shapes, sizes, and prices and they make a world of a difference.
3.Bean Bags! No need to go further. They are cozy, fun, and relaxing to sit on. Place them next to your bookshelf and your kids will love reading! You can get them in regular colors, stripes, emoji faces… options are endless. For kids with sensory issues they have furry ones and leather ones, so take your pick. Maybe your kids will just chill, space out, or chat a little while sitting on them. Definitely a worthwhile investment.
Dry erase boards
4.Dry erase boards. Try hanging up a huge one, or a few small dry erase boards. The children can play school, draw, doodle, and create inventions mess free! It is every child’s dream. Watch how your kids will run to do their math examples on the board and teach themselves any school material while acting like a “teacher”. This can help your kids with public speaking, and boost their confidence, too!
Flooring is major
5.Flooring is major. Make sure it is super easy to clean since kids tend not to be so careful with messes. A wooden or vinyl floor is the best way to go, along with a fluffy rug to match the decor and to keep your kids comfy. It is a lot easier to replace an area rug then rip out and replace a room’s carpet. An exercise or home gymnastic mat is also an adorable idea, and for girls that love gymnastics, it will be a dream come true.

So, with all these tips in mind, on your next Sunday off be sure to have some fun revamping your playroom!

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