How to Make Your Home Feel Both Stylish and Cozy

Everyone wants to create a home that feels cozy, especially in the winter, but many people believe in order to achieve this, that style has to be compromised. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of ways that you create both a stylish and cozy home, and often they are very simple.

Update your color schemes

The first step to creating a stylish and cozy home involves updating your current color schemes. There are many colors, such as white and black, that can make a room look stylish, but often, these can be cold and uninviting. Instead, opt for much warmer options that will bring a pop of color into your house. It will completely transform your home.

For those that want to embrace a bit of color, why not try out a rustic green or a warm amber? You could even try a peachy glow. These will all instantly add that much-needed warmth.
Update your color schemes

If you’re keen to keep to neutral colors, however, try a rich cream, or a distressed gray and yellow. This will offset the rest of the room perfectly and allow you to bring color in through other means, such as pillows, bedding, rugs, and paintings on the wall.

Install a fireplace

The warm, cozy atmosphere that a fireplace can create is perfect for those dark, cold winter nights. However, due to the bulky nature and mess that is associated with them, many people chose to remove them from their homes. This is no longer the case anymore.

Fireplaces have undergone a makeover that has made them a much more desirable aspect of the house because of their stylish nature. The sleek, balanced flue gas fireplaces, available at Marble Hill, can fit underneath your TV unit perfectly or work as a fantastic divider in the wall. With plenty of styles and sizes to choose from and the option of a more traditional looking one, you will be able to create a room full of style and comfort.

Update your lighting

Lighting plays a big part in how cozy your home feels. Just as the colors of your walls make a difference to how warm a room feels, so do your lights. For example, if you have bright white bulbs as opposed to soft hues of yellow, the room will feel less cozy. Lighting is all the more important in the winter, and so you want to have that cozy glow throughout the home. There are plenty of options when it comes to updating your lighting. You could look into purchasing a vintage lamp with a large reflective shade that will bounce the light around the room. Alternatively, if you want to change your ceiling lighting, take a look at the decorative pieces that are available nowadays. The designs come in varied shapes and sizes, made out of different materials.
Update your lighting

Opt for traditional wood furniture

In times where people are interested in how long a piece of furniture will last, this calls for the opportunity to reassess your current furniture. While an MDF style of furniture with a varnish might look slick when you first purchase it, if you have had this for many years, over time, it might seem more worn down. It not only impacts the style of your room but also how cozy it feels. To avoid this happening, you should instead look to traditional wood furniture. A hard-wood coffee table, for example, will create a chic and stylish look, and last you for years to come. When you then combine it with the right lighting and a fireplace, the entire room will be perfect for those cold winter nights.

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