How to Make the Most of Your Living Space


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As property prices in many parts of the world steadily increase, the amount of living space many people can afford is becoming less and less. In addition to this, it appears that apartments in the U.S. are getting smaller.  According to research from RCLCO Real Estate Advisors, the average apartment size today is 100 square feet less than it was in the 2000s. For those of you having to fit your belongings into increasingly cramped quarters, it can be a challenge to create enough space to freely move around and feel at home. In this article, we will outline some practical tips to help you make the most of your living space.


Over the years, the amount of stuff you possess  but no longer use or need can begin to accumulate. It is a good exercise to declutter to create more space in your home. Many items will be easy to discard such as obsolete electronics and unwanted gifts, while others may be harder to let go of.

To help you decide what to throw and what to keep you can use the pareto principle, or 80/20 rule, which states that we only use 20% of what we own 80% of the time. Applying this principle to your belongings you can begin purging those items which you have not used for more than a year. Another helpful tip is to follow Marie Kondo method of discarding items that no longer spark joy. Once you have decluttered your living space, removal services such as Master Dumper can help haul away your junk.

Lighting Tricks

Make your room appear bigger by emphasizing its height through vertical lighting. This can be achieved with tall, thin floor lamps, long pendants and uplight wall sconces which highlight a room’s verticality, drawing attention away from its smallness. Backlighting certain areas can create a sense of depth which can make your living space seem larger. Some places to use this lighting technique include behind sofas, shelves or headboards.

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Multifunctional Furniture

This versatile storage solution allows you to meet your furnishing needs while helping you maximize the space you have. From coffee tables with hidden compartments and beds with in-built drawers to storage ottomans and mirrored cabinets, multifunctional furniture can easily be used to create more space in your home.

Along with multifunctional furniture, which contains storage space within it, consider space-saving furniture ideas such as Murphy beds, fold-away desks and wall mounted floating shelves to optimize your space while creating a sleek and modern look to your interior.


As well as using closets and cabinets to store your stuff, you can also cleverly conceal things in your suitcases and other empty luggage when it is not needed. Create space by concealing your TV behind some sliding doors or inside a cabinet when not in use and hide away your shoes by placing them in a hanging shoe organizer. Not only will this keep them neat and tidy but it will also free up valuable floor space in your house.

Follow these simple solutions to help you make the most out of your living space while making it look and feel as roomy and welcoming as you can.

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