How To Make Sure Your Facade Cleaning Is Done in an Environmentally Friendly Way?


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In the course of time, each facade gets dirty. This is inevitable and happens due to environmental influences such as wind, rain, or even sunshine. In the past years, both professional cleaning companies and homeowners have often resorted to chemical products to easily remove the dirt. However, times have changed, and we now know better than ever how important it is to protect our environment – even when cleaning your facade. 

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There are certain techniques and tools that will help you clean your facade in an environmentally friendly way. In the following article, we will tell you about some of them and explain why they are preferable to the equipment most people have used so far. 

Choose the cleanser wisely

Using chemicals often seems to be the best and easiest way to get rid of massive soiling, since they provide fast and easy cleaning of almost every type of dirt. However, these chemicals cause severe damage to our environment when they find their way into the ground or the wastewater. Therefore, it is utterly important to read about and check on the cleanser you are using. 

Before you start cleaning, it is also vital to check what kind of dirt is on your facade and if you need to use chemicals at all. For example, if your facade is stained by fine dust, the dirt can be easily removed an ecological cleaner or simply by using water. 

If you realize that your facade is covered with moss or algae, do not simply take the next best cleanser you can find. Check the ingredients and specifically on how to use the product. If it contains chlorine or biocide, you must make sure that none of it ends up in the ground or the wastewater since it is extremely harmful to the environment. In many regions, there are certain guidelines that specifically prohibit chlorine and biocides from entering the soil. So, please also check the guidelines that apply to your area.

Save and clean your water

Cleaning an entire facade can require large amounts of water. Therefore, to work environmentally friendly, it is important to keep in mind to not waste any of it. On the one hand, this is possible by choosing the right equipment that either does not require the use of water or keeps it to a minimum. Read on to find out more about different gadgets and equipment, since we will get back to this later.

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On the other hand, you can save water by filtering the used water, making it possible to reuse it. To do this, you need to collect the dirty water while cleaning your facade, which is best done with a tarp or a tub. With the following filtering process, all pollutants and contaminants that got into the water must be removed. A good and effective way of doing that is by using an activated carbon filter. The different pollutant particles stick to the surface of activated coal and are easily eliminated.  

After that, you can return the water to the sewer system or use it again for your own purposes. However, if you use chemical products like chlorine or biocide, be aware that the cleaning process might take longer since the water has to be perfectly unsoiled before being reused. 

Use the right equipment

As mentioned above, the right choice of equipment allows you to save water. But besides that, there are also certain gadgets that produce less waste or do not even require the use of chemical products. Therefore, for environmentally-friendly cleaning of your facade, it is important to choose not only the right cleaning product but also the optimal equipment from the very beginning.

In order to do that you must check the type of facade you plan to clean since not every device is suitable for each facade type. For instance, a high-pressure cleaner saves a lot more water than a simple garden hose and thus is more ecological. However, high-pressure cleaners are not suitable for soft rock or wooden facades, as they can damage them. 

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Another possibility is using dry-ice blasting. It appears to be especially eco-friendly because the cleaning process does not require any water or chemicals, and it does not produce much waste. Nevertheless, the gadget is more expensive than others and also not to use on soft rocks. 

An alternative to the devices mentioned above is the telescopic lance, which is easy to use, allows you to clean at a high height, and is suitable for any facade. It does not damage the wall since it works with high pressure. Additionally, you can regulate the amount of water you use by choosing different nozzles.


These are different possibilities that help you clean your facade in an environmentally friendly way. It does not always necessarily mean investing more time or money. On the contrary: simply the use of an environmentally friendly cleanser or the right equipment does change a lot. Moreover, it is a good thing to collect the water used during cleaning and to make sure it is filtered before returning it to the sewer so that no chemicals enter the water cycle. 

However, if you still doubt that green facade cleaning is impossible, check out Fassadenklar – a German house cleaning company with the highest ecological standards, using most of the methods introduced in this article. 

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