How to Make a Portable Miter Saw Stand?

Miter saw is an essential tool when it comes to a workshop or even for any DIY projects. A miter saw stand is a mandate to work with ease with a portable miter saw. Typically aligned towards the left to the right of a miter saw, the level of this stand is absolutely in line with that of a miter saw.

A miter saw is a small tool which can be port from one place to another quickly, taking along the miter saw stand is not feasible. It leads to the requirement of a portable miter saw stand. Depending on the model of a compound miter saw, varied portable miter saw stands are available to choose from. Check out the best budget miter saw, if you are thinking to buy one.

Being a DIY enthusiast, If you wish to make a portable miter saw stand, here we go.

Material required

Material required

  • 2x6x12-foot treated wood: 1 piece
  • 2x4x8-foot treated wood: 5 pieces
  • 2x6x8-foot treated wood: 2 pieces
  • Melamine-covered particleboard: a 2×3-foot piece with a thickness of 3/4-inch
  • 1-5/8-inch deck screws
  • 2-1/2-inch deck screws
  • 3-foot-long, 1/2-inch-diameter bolts with a nut, lock washer and two washers: 4 pieces
  • Hand Saw
  • Compass
  • Chisel
  • Pencil
  • Combination square

How to make a portable miter saw stand?

  • Start with making the support structure beneath the table.
  • Cut four pieces of wood with the dimension of 2×6 at 31 inches long, 0-1/4 inches for the ends along with two at 7-1/4 inches for centre supports.
  • Take 2-1/2-inch deck screws to attach the one piece of butt to another
  • Take the opposite side of the piece of one wood to connect with another side of the end piece
  • After connecting all the four parts to form the corners, place the fifth piece at the middle
  • Create another box structure with a similar way
  • Position both the box structure parallel to each other
  • Place a scrap piece acting a spacer of dimension 2X6
  • Take one wooden melamine coated piece of dimension 24×36-inch piece of 3/4-inch-thick
  • Attach the above over the box structures carefully using deck screw
  • Now remove the spacer carefully
  • As the saw table is complete, build leg assemblies for supporting the stand.
    With a length of 40 inches 4 pieces care required with a dimension of 2X4
  • To set the cutting surface 34 inches above the ground, you need to cut the length of legs at 32 inches.
  • Align the top cuts of the two different sets of legs
  • Clamp the pieces together by positioning a scrap of stock in between
  • Take long deck screw to attach trapezoidal-shaped pieces of stock to the legs
  • Attach the cross braces to the top and the bottom of the leg assemblies
  • The stabilizing braces are attached at the distance of 10-12 inches from the bottom of the leg
  • To provide considerable lateral support, a beam is required after the leg assembly
  • Once the beam is ready, put up the stand together by sliding each leg to the assembly
  • Fit the cross-braces of each leg assembly within each pair of beam notches.
  • After connecting legs to the beam, flip it onto the legs.
  • Check the beam pushing it hard; it should not wobble
  • Position the saw table on to the beam and fit the box structures under its tabletop
  • Place the miter saw in the position where the fence is parallel to the beam’s far side to mark the bolt hole location.
  • Drill the holes by removing the saw and align the mitre saw carefully after that
  • Your portable miter saw table is ready.
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