How to Make a Modern Home Office for the New WFH Worker

Working from home is not new. It’s something that’s been around for the last few decades. However, the current pandemic has forced more people to hunker down and perform their jobs at home. For the new work from home employees, this can come as a surprise as they may be used to working in a cubicle at their office.

If you’re one of the many that’s been struggling to separate your office from your home, here are some tips to create a modern space that’s dedicated for your work only.

1. Have a dedicated charging station

Have a dedicated charging station

You may be handling plenty of electronics that need charging every now and then. Make sure you have a dedicated charging station for these. It doesn’t have to be just one area –it can be multiple. What’s important is that you have a go-to area for each one so you’re not always scrambling for wires when it’s time to recharge your laptop, your phone, mouse, headset, etc.

2. Separate personal from work

Another way to create a fine line between work and home is by keeping your personal affairs away from the work area. For example, don’t spend your breaks here or eat your lunch while in front of the computer. Or avoid making personal phone calls here and instead, do it in the living room or the bedroom where you are more relaxed. This ensures that your work stays at work and you’re not distracted when doing other activities in your home.

3. Check for ergonomics

You may be sitting for long periods in your home office and so you want to make sure that you are maintaining a healthy posture for that duration. Inspect your sitting position in your work area to see whether it’s allowing you to sit and type in a comfortable position. Are you slouching? Do you have to hunch your shoulders to type? Is your neck strained from having to look too close to the screen? These are some things to watch out for when working in front of a computer.
. Check for ergonomics
They may seem minor but they’re issues that build up over time and can harm your health. If you notice these problems surfacing, it’s time to invest in ergonomics. Most people start by getting an ergonomic chair but you’ll also want to set up your devices in a way that it’s convenient for you to work. This means your computer screen should be at eye level, keyboard should be low enough that you don’t have to hunch, feet should be flat on the floor, and your back should maintain a natural S curve.

4. Think of comfort

You probably don’t have that many nice amenities in your company’s office. Now is the perfect time to make your work area as comfortable as possible since you are working at home. Aside from having an ergonomic work space, you can add in some accents for comfort. A sectional sofa is a great statement piece for an office. You can lounge here during breaks and even take naps. Maybe add a rug by your feet so they’re always nice and warm. Candles are a great addition too since scents can easily uplift your mood. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If spoiling yourself means you’ll be more productive, then go for it.

5. Bring in nature

Bring in nature
Nature is far from modern but it’s definitely something that’s needed in this tech-obsessed world. It’s apparent in the growing number of homes that have dozens of indoor plants. For the perfect modern office, you will need some indoor plants. They’re a great sight to look at every half hour to give your eyes a break. Plants have also been proven to decrease stress and create a calm environment.

What is your most favorite area in your home office? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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