How to Maintain your Swimming Pool?


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Are you looking to install a swimming pool? Or are you thinking of moving into a house with one? If you are going to be an owner or a pool care expert, you should know some basic rules to maintain and clean your swimming pool.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard. It would be best if you gave the swimming pool regular upkeep. It is always a great pleasure to get in the clean swimming pool. But if you are not up to taking care, leaning into the pool might affect your body, regardless of the swimming equipment you may wear.

Be ready to clean the pool first before swimming. As you are a beginner and have no idea about the cleaning staff or any other maintenance, you might check the for the swimming pool essentials.

If you know swimming pool basics, it is an easy job for the rest of the time. But those who are zero at this point then grab some paper because you will learn what is needed to add in a swimming pool. Let’s start

What is included in a swimming pool?

Installing a pool is a big decision and responsibility to do. It would help if you gave proper care and well-knowledge people are the only ones to maintain the swimming pool. The homes with swimming pools are an alternative but still need to be worried about the daily maintenance.

You can get a fancy or simple pool as you prefer. Make some improvements to an old pool like adding lights, heating, adding a high-tech pool cover, or even a music system. But the four major parts that need daily maintenance of the swimming pool are

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  • Pool water
  • Inside of pool
  • The filter system of the pool
  • skimmers

Pool water is an essential part of swimming. It is the one that keeps the happiness going. Think that the pool is not clean, then what happened? Are you not afraid to swim in unclean water? You might get the chance of infections and rash from chlorine. So daily cleaning the water helps you avoid you and your family from external pollutants and health hazards. The clear water helps the pool to last long. Otherwise, who else wants to dip in contaminated water?

Filter system

Have you seen changing the color of your swimming pool? Well, the pool walls might grow some algae, debris, and mold due to constant contact with water. The microorganisms are faster to increase in wet places than on the dry surface, so the direct water and witty surface are feasts for them. So, please make sure the inside walls of the pool and surface should be washed when it seems dirty. Try not to give rise to them because it will be able to affect your skin as well.

Filter system

Well, your pool’s filter system pumps water and keeps it circulating and pumping the water into the pool and filters all the dirt from the water. It gives you clear water to swim into the pool. Isn’t it’s the same as your heart? Well, both work the same way, one is for you and the other for your swimming pool. You can’t get along without the filtration system because your pool will soon give an unswimmable messy look.


If your pool has a filter system, then a skimmer is also necessary, not to confuse it with a net skimmer, but it is the cleaning tool attached by the filter system. It returns the water to the filter for cleaning. It is one of the vital parts of the pool that you must know before maintaining your swimming pool. It will work best when it is free from any obstruction and clean.

Tips for maintaining a swimming pool

Once you know about the part of swimming pools, now you must know about maintenance and cleaning of your pool.

  • Check pH level

The water in the pool can neutralize acidity, so total alkalinity is not suitable for your body. The water pH must be balanced. You can measure the pH level of water that how much acidic and basic substance can be.

The water must be neutral pH at seven which is good for your body and provide nourishment rather than harmful effects.

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  • Clean the debris

Is it is peaceful to swim on the debris-filled surface? Of course not, it will be bad for you and seems irritating, but you can get rid of the debris. It takes only two or one minute to empty the baskets or floating debris. 

If you have trees near the pool or bushes and leaves surrounding the pool area, consider trimming them or replacing them with another place. It will help you to release the messy look and avoid them getting into the pool. You can also do hardscaping around the pool.

  • Test the chemicals

Adjusting the pH of all the chemicals is essential. Check the chemical composition before leaning into the swimming pool. If the chlorine is below 1 part per million and alkalinity is less than 90 PPM, then dissolve the chlorine and toss it into the water.

Testing other chemicals into the water is also essential. You can use this soda ash product if the substances are not available because clear water without any chemicals can harm your body after swimming.

  • Repair leakage

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine if your water is getting low or it is evaporation, but then you realize that it is nothing like that. After searching, you find that your pool is leaking. You can determine it by floating a bucket full of water into the pool. Check that the water in the pool and bucket operate or your collection. Lose more water. Call the experts to repair this leakage because you don’t want to turn off the enjoyment of your swimming pool.


I hope you get all the details about this swimming pool and its maintenance. If you are a beginner, this information leads you to build your swimming pool and helps you maintain long-lasting enjoyment. Follow all the tips mentioned above to avoid any harmful effects.

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