How To Know If Your Garage Door Needs Repair (And How To Do It Right)


Garage doors are essential as they protect our homes and cars while boosting curb appeal. Garage door installation in the USA increased by 0.6% between 2017 and 2022. Most homeowners use garage doors more frequently to enter their homes than front doors. It is thus vital to keep your garage door working properly for your daily convenience. 

Many things can cause garage doors not to function properly, and this causes inconvenience and headaches. Garage doors require regular inspection like any other part of the house, and necessary door repairs must be done on time. A faulty garage door poses a risk to your family. Thus, it’s crucial not to ignore it. Most of us only dedicate time to inspecting the condition of our garage doors when something has already gone wrong. In this article, we will look at some of the things that indicate when your garage door needs repair. 

Standard Garage Door Issues That Need Repair

Below are some of the issues that indicate that you must immediately contact experienced garage door repair Perth technicians.

Slow Response Time 

Observing the time it takes for your garage door to open or close is vital. Once you press the opener, it should only take a few seconds to open or close the door. If it takes longer or jerks while opening or closing, then inspect the tension springs and other components thoroughly. The tracks, hinges, and rollers require lubrication so your garage door can operate smoothly without any interruptions. 

Noisy Door Operations

A noisy garage door is annoying and indicates that it requires repair. The noise it makes might determine the type of repair it needs. When the torsion springs malfunction, they will rumble or grate. If they make a popping noise, it could mean that some sections must be locked together. When you hear a grinding sound, then it means that your garage door is dragging on the track rather than rolling. These and other sounds like banging, squealing, squeaking, and rattling mean that your door needs repair. 

Won’t Open Or Close

One of the most obvious signs that your garage door needs repair is when it won’t open or close. This could be the result of worn down or broken cables, or malfunctioning openers. This situation can be very frustrating. The other possible reasons your door is not responding could be faulty wiring or faulty circuitry, or it is coming off the tracks. The best thing to do when your garage door has issues with closing or opening is to consult a licensed professional. You could, however, check if there is an obstruction on its tracks before doing so. 

Sagging Door

Saggy garage doors are often overlooked, but this usually happens over time. The cause for a sagging door could be worn tension springs, dulled tracks, or dulled rollers. If the sagging worsens, the door might lose balance and cause issues during closing and opening. Worse still, an unbalanced door might pose danger to your family and vehicle. You can regularly check the balance of your door manually by opening it and leaving it halfway to see if it rises or falls. 

Comes Off The Tracks

A garage door is designed to operate within the tracks on each side at all times. These tracks are meant to hold it in place, so the door can be hazardous to your family and property when it comes off. When it slips off these tracks, then it means that you need to replace it or repair the parts that led to the problem. Your door can come off its tracks because of a faulty overall alignment, a broken cable, damaged rollers, or worn tracks. If you experience this issue, you should call garage door experts to fix the problem safely. 

Unbalanced Door

A garage door that is off-balance must also be repaired immediately; otherwise, one spring might get more damaged than the other. When one spring is overworking, it might soon snap, and the weaker spring will increase the workload of the door opener and hence fail prematurely. You can tell if your garage door is out of balance or is uneven or sagging. Closing and opening your garage door manually to the halfway point is another way of knowing if it is out of balance. You must repair a misaligned component if it does not remain in place or moves up or down. 

Broken Or Worn-Out Garage Door Parts

You might notice worn-out or broken parts if you closely inspect your garage door. Some features that could affect its functionality include broken panels and openers, loose or broken bolts, screws, cords and wires, and broken tension springs. It is advisable to repair these damaged parts the moment you notice them. Some of these repairs, like broken rollers, are pretty complicated and thus require the skills of an expert garage door technician. 

Increased Energy Bills

If your garage door is insulated, it should seal your garage like a wall when it is closed. A well-sealed garage door helps retain heat in your home during the winter months and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house. When the garage door does not insulate your house correctly, it will lead to colder and less comfortable winters with higher energy bills. This situation is because you will have to increase the heat for compensation, leading to higher heating bills. 

Final Thoughts

Although DIYers do many garage door maintenance tasks, some involving repairs like openers, springs, and door track replacements are potentially dangerous. A single mistake can cause serious injury, as garage doors are the heaviest moving component in your home. If you lack the proper tools and experience, it is best to call experienced technicians in Perth to resolve your issue expertly. They have the appropriate tools to save you time and money, and ensure your safety. Their work is also secured with a warranty.

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