How to Keep Your Home Allergen-Free


Watch what you bring

Though many allergens are not available to the naked eye, they are still there. Hidden throughout your home are pollens, dust mites, and mold wreaking havoc on your system. With 1/5th of people suffering from allergies, it’s essential to eliminate allergens from your home as much as possible. If you’re sick of itchy eyes, watery eyes and headaches, here are some great ways to give those pesky allergens the boot.

What are you allergic to?

It’s a good idea to find out precisely what you and your family are allergic to before making significant changes in your home. If you have a pollen allergy, then you’ll want to focus on keeping the allergens outside. If you have an allergy to dust, then your focus should be inside. Once you’ve assessed the issue, then you can work on finding a solution.

Watch what you bring in

Keep Your Home Allergen-Free
What allergens are you bringing into the house from outside every time you come home? Even if you can’t see physical dirt, allergens can latch onto your shoes when you’re out and about in the world. Doormats are more than just a piece of home décor and then can trap irritants before they make their way into your house. Put one outside and one inside of your door. Ask your guests to take their shoes off before coming through your home.

Keep your house dry

Stagnant water, trapped moisture, and damp rooms are breeding grounds for mold. It can hide throughout your home, such as behind loose tiles, in cracks around your bathtub, or attics and basements. If you have a fan in your kitchen or bathroom, they will often circulate that air into your attic, where it can become damp and allow the growth of mold. Similarly, basements are naturally wet due to condensation. Keep your rooms well ventilated and use a dehumidifier to keep the air dry. If you want to guarantee a safe and healthy lifestyle in your home, it never hurts to speak to an expert. Peel Heating offers a variety of home solutions that will ensure your home stays allergen-free throughout the entire year.

Reassess your carpeting

Reassess your carpeting
Carpet is beautiful to have in the home and keeps rooms comfortable and warm. The problem is that carpeting is the perfect nesting area for almost every household allergen. Dust, pet hair, and pollens accumulate in your carpet. When it’s disturbed, such as someone walking over it, all those allergens get released back into the air. If you can swap out rugs for hardwood or other types of imperviable material, then it will be much easier to clean. If you’re attached to your carpeting, make sure to switch to a quality vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can trap harmful particles in their fine mesh and can even pull tobacco smoke from the air.

By following these tips, you can reduce headaches, runny noses, and how much you spend on allergy relief each month. Keep your home a comfortable place to be and breathe easy!

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