How to Keep Your Colorado Springs Home Warm in The Winter


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Now that winter is fast approaching, many people are finding ways on how to keep their homes warm.

The temperature drop can affect your body in fighting infections and viruses. In times like these, it’s essential to keep your home warm to avoid illnesses during this season.

If you’re living in Colorado Springs where winter is just so bad, check out these easy and cost-effective tips on how to keep your home warm:

Consider the Ventilation Inside and Outside Your Home.

Consider the Ventilation Inside and Outside Your Home.
Take note that the air is dry during winter. So, you should only use a vent when necessary. Here are some more tips regarding ventilation during winter:

  • Use the timer switchers: To avoid leaving the vents on in the bathroom, replace it with timer switches. Open the bathroom door after using it and let the steam escape.
  • Bathroom fans must have blockers: See to it that your bathroom vents or fans have draft blockers or baffles on the outside. With this, you can make sure that the cold air will not blow back again to your house.
  • Turn off the Ceiling Fans: For heated floors, switch off the ceiling fans, but you should switch it on if you have forced air heat. You also need to reverse the motion of the ceiling fans so it can move clockwise. With this, it can let the warm air flow downwards and keep you warm.
  • Close the Vents in Unused Rooms: Close the doors and the vents in your unused room. This will make your home warmer and reduce heating costs. For rooms with plumbing, be careful not to let it too cold because this will lead to frozen pipes in the end.
  • Outside Ventilation Matters: Remember that outside ventilation matters too. Consider the installation of a snow fence to control drifting because it helps you control where the snowdrops. Furthermore, a snow fence can break the strong winds.

Let the Sunlight In.

Apart from using home heating Colorado Springs, the heat of the sun can keep your home warm. You should let the sunlight in by opening your curtains during the day.

However, when it gets dark, shut your curtains. This will add as a layer of insulation to keep the room warm. The curtains trap the heat inside the room so make sure it’s close at night time.

Try putting temporary curtains like rugs and sheets over doors to the outside. Do this only at night time as you sleep.

Try a Programmable Thermostat.

To keep your house warm while avoiding high energy costs, install a programmable thermostat. Instead of adjusting your thermostat from time to time, set it for various times during the week. For example:

  • 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.: 68 degrees
  • 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.: 60 degrees
  • 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: 68 degrees
  • 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.L 60 degrees

Adjust the temperature accordingly to what’s comfortable for your family. Take note that when you have a cooler temperature at night, it can promote good sleep.

Move the Furniture from the Vents.

Go around and check if some pieces of furniture are blocking the heating and cooling Colorado Springs vents. If they are, ask for help to move the furniture. With this, you can make sure that each room can have its maximum heat potential. Blockages can result in air pressure issues and disrupt the airflow of heat.
Move the Furniture from the Vents.

Be Careful of Using the Fireplaces.

Lighting a wood fire is inefficient for your home. Some might find it romantic, especially on a cold night, but the cold air is being pulled once again in the house. This is a Physics principle called the “stack effect.”

When you decide to make a fire, put a glass in your fireplace. This prevents the heat from escaping the chimney as soon as the flames are gone.

Keep the furnace closed when not in use. Failing to do this is like opening a window in your house. You are letting the cold air in and warm air out.


It is important that you keep your home dry and warm during winter. Damp and cold homes could link to poor health, especially for the elderly and children.

There are easy and affordable ways to try to make your home a safe place. Move the furniture, turn off the vents, and open the curtains. But getting yourself a heating unit or installing a new thermostat is a reliable and convenient option. If you are not confident of the tasks, ask the help of a professional to aid you along the way.

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