How to Keep Bugs Out of Firewood?

To get protected from the outbreak of coldness during winter many of us like to have a fireplace or wood burning stove at our residence. Firewood is the fuel of wood burning stove or fireplace which must be good in quality to ensure a comfortable warm environment.

The bug is the common problem that damages the quality of firewood and creates a problem during ignition. So, you should store your firewood in such a way so that bugs cannot attack.

This article will discuss how to keep bugs out of your home and you will know about the ways of protecting your firewood from the harmful bags by going through this article.

7 Simple but Effective Tips to keep Bugs out of Firewood

Bugs Out of Firewood

  1. The first tip is to dry the firewood properly so that there remains no moisture because bugs cannot stay at a dry place.
  2. If you are buying firewood from a store inspect it properly and make sure that there is no bug or pests inside it. Shake each log and knock them to check the existence of bugs.
    It is a time-consuming task but it is better to spend some time before buying it rather facing the troubles due to bugs after buying it.
  3. You can know the existence of bugs by observing the outer surface of the log. It is common characteristics of bugs to make hole or tunnel in the logs. So, if you observe hole or tunnel do not choose that firewood.
  4. If firewood contains moisture bugs get attracted to it. Sometimes we dry firewood properly but store it directly on the ground. Consequently, the firewood becomes wet again and bugs get attracted to it.
    So, to protect your firewood from the attack of bugs do not store it directly on the ground rather store it on a concrete or brick block.
  5. Once you have dried your firewood properly cover it with a large polyurethane plastic sheet. It will protect your wood from getting moisture.
    Do not forget to make very small pore in the polyurethane sheet, these pores will work as ventilation system of evaporated moisture during summer.
  6. The place you are going to store your firewood is also a matter of concern to keep bugs away from it. The experts suggest storing firewood away from your buildings or indoors and trees. You can use firewood management tools like firewood rack for stacking firewood properly.
  7. It is better to burn firewood immediately after taking it at the fireplace from the storage place.

Bugs of Firewood


Bugs are enough to destroy your comfort during a winter night. And firewood is the easy way for bugs to enter your house. If you remain unconcerned about the proper storage of firewood be sure that bugs will attack the stack of your firewood.
By following the 7 simple but effective tips mentioned in this article you can easily prevent bugs to attack the stack of your firewood and good quality firewood will let you enjoy the warmness of winter night.

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