How to Install a Log Burner


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If you plan to install a log burner in your home, you might also be wondering about the tools and accessories you require to install it. There are several accessories you need to complete the installation process of a log burner; therefore, you must always seek professional help if you want to install it to avoid any accidents and ensure a perfect installation.

You might need some of the essential tools when installing a log burner. These accessories may include a stovepipe and a register plate etc. Installing the right accessories ensures that the log burner functions efficiently and you do not have to face any issues. Here is a breakdown of a few important tools that you may need:


This is the most basic tool you will require with a log burner. It is attached to the steel neck of your burner that connects to the outlet located at the top or back. This pipe needs to be sealed with a hard glue or a tough material such as cement, to remain secure in place and not move. Stovepipe is available in various finishes and is made from enamel which makes it heat resistant. Moreover, it is available in multiple colors, which means you can opt for the one that matches the color of your stove. Once the burner is turned on, ensure it is kept away from any flammable material since it can catch fire. Therefore, if you are hiring a professional company for the installation, you must tell them to install it in a place with no flammable materials.


Register disc

This tool is important for people who do not want to attach their stove pipe to the chimney outlet. It is a metal flat disc that seals the opening of a chimney and is connected through the stove pipe. This ensures that the fume are filtered so that any harmful fumes do not enter your house. This metal plate also protects your stove from any fungus or buildup falling into it, as once any mold falls into the fire, it can emit harmful smoke. The hole cut in this place is available in various sizes, so you can choose the best one that fits your burner.

Chimney liner

Most log burners these days come with chimney liners. These are important tool that comes with the burner. This liner helps to better the stove’s performance, so you do not have to face any issues. Moreover, it helps to keep the dirt out of your chimney to help reduce the chances of any fire breakout. The liner is fitted to the bottom of the stovepipe, and it goes up to the chimney. This helps filter the harmful fumes so that they do not enter your house and cannot harm you.

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