How to Give Your Boring Bedroom a Vibrant Bohemian Twist


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Boring Bedroom

The Bohemian design is a quintessentially diverse style that is inherently vibrant and full of energy.

This dramatic style has no fixed set of rules. It depends largely on the individual’s personal tastes and choices. It is characterized by bright colors, mismatched patterns, natural materials, dramatic lighting, and cozy ambiance. The relaxed and laid-back vibes of this decor are quite popular in interior design, especially for living room and bedroom decor. The bedroom is every person’s personal haven. Hence, it should always be refreshing and casual. And, the bohemian style is simply perfect for creating a personalized retreat in your bedroom. If you too are a fan of the bright and warm comfort of this decor, you are in the right place. Here are some simple changes which will turn your boring and dull bedroom into a colorful and refreshing haven.

Use Natural Materials

Use Natural Materials
The bohemian design relies largely on natural materials, earthy tones, and warmth inducing furniture to get a relaxed look. Wooden furnishings, wicker hanging chairs, cotton draperies, are just a few ways in which this style incorporates nature into the decor. Wood, bamboo, wicker, and stone are the natural materials that are used the most in this style. They are used either as furniture or as accessories to bring a bohemian touch to the design.

Add Sheer Curtains for Decoration

Bohemian design is full of light and bright colors. Hence, the interiors in this style are always well-lit with an open and airy feel. A great way to get this look in the bedroom is to add sheer curtains to the windows. These windows let in maximum natural light while still keeping a layer of privacy. Moreover, sheer curtains add a touch of drama to the decor, especially when used as bed canopies. If you want a whimsical look in your bedroom, try a canopy of sheer cotton or silk and see the way your room changes!

Experiment with Colors and Patterns

Experiment with Colors and Patterns
The bohemian chic look is all about playing with various colors and patterns. You can mix and match various colors and patterns to see what you like best. The best way to experiment with colors and patterns in a bohemian decor is with the bed sheets, throws, and pillows. You can use colorful bed coverings in various patterns and textures. Quilt, patchwork, ikat prints, etc. are quite common in boho chic style. The main thing is to see that it looks cohesive even if it doesn’t match. You can even use floor pillows and bohemian style curtains to layer the colors and patterns in the decor.

Patterned Rugs and Pillows for a Cozy Look

Patterned rugs and pillows are the standard in any bohemian decor. A beautiful design or a striking pattern on a rug draws the eye and brings visual interest to the decor. It is also a great way of bringing color and texture to the decor. The modern rugs and pillows come in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and styles. However, quilts, macramé, sheepskin, and faux fur are quite popular for getting a cozy and warm bohemian look.

Bring Plants to Your Decor

Bring Plants to Your Decor
There is nothing quite as relaxing as being amidst nature. And if you can’t have a bedroom that is amidst nature, you can bring the nature into your bedroom. Include house plants in your room’s decor to give it a natural and fresh feel. Plants bring a soothing and calming feel to your room. And if you don’t want the hassle of caring for them, you can try the low-maintenance plants too. Hanging them from the ceiling or near the window adds a visual appeal to the room.

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