How to Give Hardwood Floors a New Lease of Life


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Hardwood floorings can look amazing. If you visited a traditional pub in England you might be standing on boards that have been there for a hundred years. Old mansions and houses have wonderful features such as timber beams and fireplaces but the flooring can be very special.

Luckily you don’t have to own a centuries-old home to have wood flooring as there are many modern options available too. If you do have timber flooring then you will need to know how to make the most of it and how to take care of it. 

What is wooden flooring?

Wooden flooring simply refers to any type of floor covering that is constructed from timber. It doesn’t have to refer to an antique or older style of wood. It could be something that you get installed from a modern practitioner tomorrow. 

What is so good about hardwood flooring?

Obviously, everyone has their own preferences with decorations and furnishings but there is something about hardwood and other timber flooring that is timeless. It goes back to colonial buildings in the USA and of course European houses and other buildings. Wood is so versatile and available. You could visit Cambodia and Laos and in moments find a house built from wood including the flooring.

One very big benefit of hardwood flooring is its longevity. A long fitted wood flooring is sustainable. Properly looked after the floor of a home could last for decades if not a century. 

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How can you bring that flooring back to life?

After a period of time plus wear and tear from you walking across it, the floor may lose some of its appeal. This is remedied fairly easily. Of course you don’t have to do this yourself as there are many professionals out there only too happy to bring your floor back to all its glory. If you want to do it yourself then you will need to go through the following steps” 

First, sand down the flooring

The finishing that is currently on the floor is what is making it look drab and dull so you need to remove this. Using a sander evenly over the flooring you can take off any marks and blemishes. It might be practical to use fine sandpaper to get into awkward corners and edges. Do not overuse the sander in any one spot. If you are not confident then call a professional to do this. 

Secondly, remove all the dust and debris

This is an area that is easy to skimp on but is actually very important. You must vacuum all the dust up before even thinking of doing the following step. If you leave grit and particles behind you will not get the finish you need. Take your time and clean up properly. 

And lastly, bring that flooring back to life

The wood should now be smooth, without any old finish and importantly be free of any dust or dirt. You need to add a sealant to the edge of the flooring with a brush making sure you follow the grain of the wood. Now the edges are done you need to do the remaining middle area of the floor. For this, use a lamb’s wool applicator which must be cleaned properly between coats. Leave the floor to dry for a whole 2 hours. You can then buff up the floor and vacuum any new dust that may have settled. After another 24 hours, add a second coat of sealant. 

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Removing other coatings and paint

You know how to bring your flooring back to life but you might need to do other things to restore your flooring such as knowing how to remove paint from it. If it is a water based paint spill or mark then you may just be able to remove it with warm water and soap. Sometimes you will need a bit more power. Alcohol, heat, and tools are other ways to remove the paint but you must be careful of damaging the floor. It may be best to call up a professional if you are unsure. 

How long will your floor last?

It would depend on what type the flooring is and how it is cared for. Hardwood flooring could realistically last up to a century which is quite something. Compare this to vinyl and laminates which might reach a maximum of 20-25 years and you can see the appeal of choosing a good wooden floor


Not only does hardwood flooring look good but it can last a lifetime. With just some simple TLC you can bring your floor back to life and keep it looking like it is new.

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