How to Get The Greener Solution When Handling Your Water Cooler?


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There is one very efficient solution capable of making you avoid the odor of plastic from your water, time-saving and clean solution known as bottle-less water cooler! These devices are capable of providing an unlimited supply of pure quality water given by a water provider and because you are not using bottles at all you are helping nature by not using plastic.

Many frustrations can be taken off account when using bottle-less water coolers such as waiting for a delivery man, storing those bulky water bottles, and even having someone or yourself swapping that bottle of water.

You probably have many questions when it comes to bottle-less water coolers, let me help you take some off your mind.

Is it possible to install a bottle-less water cooler without the need for a nearby water source near me?

Most buildings have running water, which can be used as the source for a cooler. You don’t need to be really close to that source, for example, coolers such as from Advance Pure Water can be installed from as far as 1000 feet from your current location, so there should be no trouble.

How can is a bottle-less water cooler installed?

How can is a bottle-less water cooler installed
Bottle-less water coolers are easy to setup. They are connected directly to a water line, which feeds them with as many water as you need. This basically means you don’t need to mind replacing bottles or storing them anymore.

Ever wanted to try out what a bottle-less water cooler feels like? You can request a free trial if you are living in Southern California by requesting it at

Now let us delve into another very important topic…

Are bottle-less water coolers are truly a greener solution?

In fact yes they are. Bottled water wastes a very important resource, one that can stay on earth for as many as 450 to 1000 years, and that is plastic.

Different kinds of plastic take a different amount of time to degrade, but the plastic used for plastic bottles can last at least 450 years on earth and even others can take over 1000 years to biodegrade!
Using bottle-less water coolers are an excellent and green solution, which help to avoid the use of plastic bottles while at the same time being generally more affordable than the other option.
A study has shown that just in one year the water delivery companies and plastic manufacturers waste about a million gallons of water, 6 millions of fuel burnt and even over 70 million pounds of just plastic is thrown into landfills.

Plastic bottles are toxic and can be easily contaminated, so you can be sure a bottle-less water cooler is not only greener but also a healthier choice!

You can read more about this topic at the following websites:

Water coolers versus tap water

When it comes to water coolers there is a wide variety to select from and from a wide array of brands, such as Primo, Avalon, Whirlpool, Igloo, and many others. Compared to tap water… any water cooler either bottled or bottle-less is far better because you can be sure you are drinking clean water.
Water coolers versus tap water
There are simple ways to improve your overall health and lifestyle and that is through eating healthy, exercising and drinking clean water. When you drink tap water you are taking bacteria, possible pipe moss, and many other unwanted substances into your system and they can start to affect you in the long term.

Also, there are many suppliers nowadays that can give you a good water cooler, such as Advanced Pure Water Solutions which is not only a high-quality water cooler, but because they are bottle-less they even provide a greener and much healthier solution.

I recommend you to get a water dispenser or cooler to make your life much healthier, and stop ingesting those unwanted substances into your body. You can find more information about why a water dispenser or cooler is way better than tap water by checking the following website:

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