How To Get The Best Services For Cabinet Refacing, St. Louis?

If you are tired looking at your old messy kitchen, give your kitchen a new look without the problems of remodeling through cabinet refacing. This is a great way to transform your kitchen into a beautiful dazzling space within a short period of time. This project allows you to use your old cabinet (provided they are in a good state) and install new drawer fronts and doors without much ado. Therefore to get the best services for Cabinet Refacing St. Louis, Fresh Faced Cabinets is the best option.

The flexibility of the installation process keeps your kitchen going. You don’t need to remove your refrigerator, empty the cabinets or even disconnect kitchen plumbing. You can change your damage drawer boxes using good quality plywood, double lamination process, and a veneer of real wood. This process eliminates the problem of filing/landfills.

Benefits of Refacing:-

Benefits of Refacing

Refacing is a process that saves a lot of time and money. It involves replacing cabinet doors, drawer faces, and knobs by applying new texture to the external parts. This is the best way to reface your cabinet in the kitchen/bathroom without breaking the entire structure. It is very popular because of a few benefits:-

  1. Inexpensive:- Cabinet refacing is a very economical process, it saves a lot of money and costs about 50% less in comparison to the amount you spend on new cabinets. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom cabinet refacing can transform it and give a facelift to your drab and dull-looking cabinets. To install new cabinets in the present layout a lot of money is wasted when good cabinets (which are in the proper state) are removed.
  2. Easy to Install:- This process takes hardly 1-2 days to complete if done by correct personnel. But cabinet replacement is a bulky task that takes days to complete. It requires huge planning and a change in your schedule.
  3. Eliminates Waste:- There is no need to remove your kitchen cabinets if they are in good condition. They will only contribute to wastage and end up in landfills. And brand new cabinets will also cost more. Therefore to prevent wastage, refacing can be the best option.
  4. Many Possibilities:- There are various options available with cabinet refacing like refinishing the exteriors of cabinets and drawers, without ripping out the front of drawers or doors. Refacing can end up looking new by applying new veneer on the exteriors of the cabinets and installing new knobs and pulls. Moreover, there is a wide range of veneering options and colours to change the look and grain of the wood. You can also add glass doors to your showcases by a new trim and molding method. It is a green option (eco-friendly) that prevents cutting down of trees.

Many Possibilities
Conclusion:- Cabinet refacing is a time and money-saving process. There are companies that offer services of recycling and removing parts like doors, hinges and drawers to prevent hazardous landfills. Therefore, always remember to hire such builders, who offer the above said benefits to enjoy a long-lasting refacing to suit your needs and budget.

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