How to Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs are pests that enjoy feeding on grassroots, which can lead to parts of your lawn becoming decayed. Once these pests are present in your yard, it can be difficult to remove them as they continue to grow and lay more eggs. Many people opt to use either chemical or natural remedies to handle the lawn grubs in their yard.

In this article, we’ll go over how to get rid of lawn grubs in your yard. Keep reading the sections below to determine which method works best for you and your lawn.

Reduce irrigation

White grubs thrive in moist places, so depriving the area of water is an easy way of shrinking their population. It may be best to handle these grubs during the months where watering is less required. You should still water your lawn to keep it healthy, but to handle the grubs, avoid overwatering it.

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Encourage birds in your lawn

Birds hanging around your lawn is another simple way of reducing grubs because birds love feeding on larvae. If you don’t mind birds digging in your yard, garden, or flower beds, this will be easier. You can use birdhouses, birdbaths and bird feeders to attract birds into your compound.

Beneficial nematodes

Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic parasitic worms that can be used to control lawn grubs in your yard. If you choose to use this remedy, make sure you get the correct type of nematode for lawn grubs.

You’ll want to apply the nematodes to your yard when the soil is moist. After applying, continue to water regularly and the grubs should start to die within a few days.

Milky spore

The milky spore disease isn’t harmful to your lawn but is quite deadly to the Japanese beetle grubs. It helps to control the larva and minimize their population. This bacterium comes in a powder form, so you simply have to sprinkle it onto your lawn to get rid of the grub population. The grubs ingest the spores while feeding on the roots of your grass.

Milky spore is a natural treatment and provides long-term grub control. However, you won’t get results immediately because it takes time before the disease develops to be effective fully in the turf.

Use grub control pesticide

Some insecticides help to control grubs, and they contain carbaryl, imidacloprid, or bifenthrin. They are quite effective at killing larvae in an established lawn. Some of the insecticides contain active ingredients such as Sevin, Merit, and GrubEx.

Additionally, there are granular and liquid grub killers in the market. When applying the granular pesticides, you should use a garden spreader and water after application into the soil. For the liquid grub killers, you have to mix it with water as instructed in the label and spray it on the affected areas to ensure the pesticide gets deeper in the soil.

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Use neem oil as a homemade grub killer

Neem oil contains insecticidal properties and is a very effective repellent of grub worms in gardens and lawns. The natural pesticide is used to deter grubs from feeding on the roots of your grass. It prevents them from laying eggs or growing into adults, hence breaking the growth cycle. It helps to stop lawn damage and control of grubs. This natural pesticide can also be used to manage other pests in your yard, such as aphids, cockroaches, moths, and more.

It is best to control and prevent the pests in your lawn before any damage occurs. If you want to maintain a healthy lawn, you’ll need to periodically check the state of your grass. Many pests are hard to see unless you look closely, and some won’t show their presence until real damage is done. Take time to learn more about pest control and the symptoms of pests in your yard to help your lawn thrive.

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