How To Gauge The Reputation Of Your Potential Remodeling Contractor


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Remodeling projects are a huge and exciting undertaking. Still, because the investment is so huge, you must take great care to work with services that will realize your ambitions flawlessly.  

The trend of expanding home spaces had slowed down at the start of the year despite record activity in the prior two. This does not mean you missed the boat. If anything, it likely means the professionals you wish to work with can fit you in their schedule more easily. That said, you should not rush the decision of choosing between professionals. 

Before hiring a remodeling contractor for the job, you must ensure they are of upstanding repute. Only then can you be assured that they will pay close attention to your needs and perform as you’d hoped. There are many ways to gauge the reputation of your potential remodeling contractor. We’ve listed some of them for you down below. 

Determine Experience Level

Ideally, the remodel contracts you’d like to work with will have been around for some time. Passion and determination can only get firms so far in any line of work. Experience that helps companies in any sector distinguish themselves and raise their game.  

For example, Beattie Development has over 50 years of experience in building custom homes and even commercial projects. They guarantee the highest quality construction possible and cover all aspects of your building project, from plants and permits to the finer decorative touches. Multi-faceted and dynamic in their approach, they invite you to give them a call or send them an online contact request so they can answer any questions you might have. 

Services like these may also have a newsletter of their own to send out to interested parties. If you’re not quite keen to make concrete plans quite yet, signing up for those updates could give you a greater sense of what these remodeling contractors do and what interests them. Providing exciting business updates or insightful commentary on their industry over a long period can say a lot about their character and knowledge. 

Navigate Client Testimonials

If clients take the time to leave a positive testimonial about a remodeling contractor, it can be a sign of great things. That said, it’s a good idea to look more deeply into these posts. 

The longer a client testimonial is, the better. Not only should there be a full star rating in place, but the comments should be detailed, well-written, and feature good spelling and grammar. Any comments that appear clogged with keywords and clunky phrases are likely fake and misleading rather than paint an accurate picture of the contractor’s services. 

You can expect to find positive testimonials on the client’s website, and you should look through them. However, it would help if you also browsed postings about the contractor on other websites where a diverse consensus is perhaps more likely to be found. What do the clients say elsewhere? Would the contractor be proud to feature these remarks on their own website?

If there are digital tools for doing so, it may also be a good idea to reach out directly to clients who’ve left testimonials. They should be glad to elaborate on their comments and make recommendations unless they’re busy. Which parts of their home did they remodel? Do they stand by their comments today, even if some time has passed? 

Browse Social Media Profiles

Not all client comments are carefully curated for a business website or forum page. The most extreme reactions to service, good or bad, are likely found on a social media page where people are unlikely to filter their views. 

Simply type in the name of your potential remodeling contractor in the search bar of a social media site, and a list of posts could materialize. You can browse by the latest comments, but it may be worth readjusting your settings to see older posts, too, keeping an eye out for consistency. If you want to learn more about why people have said what they said, you could once again try reaching out. 

Moreover, very few businesses don’t have a social media footprint. At the very least, a portion of their employees will. Browsing the profile pages of the remodeling contractor firm or of its individual workers can give you a good idea of their standing and attitudes. Likes and retweets are not everything, but there should be some social media activity and interest. 

It may be worth reading into who follows them too. If influential media outlets or other persons follow your potential remodeling contractor, it could indicate how credible and reputable their service truly is.

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Learn of Awards Won

Remodelers do big and important work. More than clients will have noticed if they have a steady history of success. Institutions and regulatory bodies will want to provide recognition too. 

For example, (Highest Distinction) Guild Master Award winners should be noteworthy to you. BIA Remodelers of the year can draw the eye. There are also the National Association of Home Builders remodeling awards to look for. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry also has their own honors: The National Contractor of the Year (CotY) award. 

If you have the highest standards, then winning an award is not always the hallmark sign that a contractor is at the top of their sector. Instead, they should have preferably won some awards in a succession of years. Looking for that sequence can reaffirm your faith that the remodeling contractors are consistent in what they do and have an unwavering commitment to perform routine excellence. 

Do some further research into the awards themselves too. What criteria do they use before handing out their awards? How reputable is the award itself? Are there pictures or footage of representatives receiving the award at an event? The answers to these questions can help you gain a more accurate picture of the prestige surrounding the thing. 


Try to be thorough when gauging the reputation of your potential remodeling contractor. Investigate multiple sources, cross reference your findings, and take your time in trawling through all this information. The more confident you are in their proven abilities, the less likely it is your remodeling project will need to be repaired or reworked in future.

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