How to Furnish Your Winter Holiday Home

Are you lucky enough to own a cozy cabin in the mountains or an alpine retreat deep in the forest? Having a holiday home is a wonderful luxury. It can be exciting decorating it and turning it into a winter wonderland to be enjoyed by all of the family during the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some ideas on how to furnish your winter holiday home.

The Lounge

The lounge is where you will hopefully spend most of your time, huddled around a splendid open fire or log burning stove. Nothing gives you a cozier feeling than a roaring fire on a chilly day. Make a feature of the fireplace by decorating it with fairy lights and a basket full of logs.

Comfortable, big squishy sofas are a must for sinking into after a long day walking or skiing in the snow. Look for u-shaped seating that encircles the fireplace and adorn with cushions in various colors and textures. Faux fur throws draped over the back of sofas will not only look good but can be wrapped around cold bodies. If you have a large family or expect more guests, opt for queen sleeper sofas that will provide everyone with a comfortable bed for the night. Go for sofas and cushions in festive colors such as red, deep green, and white.

If you are having Christmas or special family dinners at the house, you will need a large dining table and chairs. A beautiful, rustic oak table with benches or chairs will look fabulous decorated with candlesticks, festive dinnerware, and sparkling crystal on Christmas Day. Add some Christmas joy by installing a decorated tree in the lounge and lay it with lots of magical lights and place beautifully wrapped gifts for family and friends underneath it.-

Furnish Your Winter Holiday Home1

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms in your home should be cozy and comfortable. Invest in good quality mattresses that will give you a blissful night’s sleep. Stack the bed with plump pillows and cushions.

To create a log cabin theme, use plaid patterned curtains and bedding. Throw fake animal skins over the bed and scatter the floor with soft, deep pile rugs. Accessorize with animal sculptures, wooden baskets, and folk art hearts. Make your bedroom a snug, warm haven.

If you have young children, have some fun decorating their bedrooms. You could decorate with a winter forest theme and paint murals of trees and animals on the walls, display soft toy animals on wooden shelves and cover the floor with cozy rugs in woodland colors. At Christmas time, you can string fairy lights around the room and create cozy dens from bunk beds or cabin beds.

Ensure you have lots of thick quilts and blankets to keep all of your family warm during the freezing winter nights. For some extra coziness, use electric blankets on the beds.

The Bathroom

A bathroom during the winter needs to be a warm, inviting place – nothing is worse than walking about naked and wet in a cold bathroom. Turn up the heating and install towel warmers if you don’t already have them. Provide everyone with luxurious, fluffy towels, dressing gowns, and slippers. If you want to enjoy an indulgent bubble bath, stack the shelves with glorious-smelling bubble bath and line surfaces with candles for some romantic lighting.

Furnish Your Winter Holiday Home2


If the weather is treacherous outside, you will probably want to spend some time inside. Invest in a large-screen television and DVD player. Bring a selection of DVDs, including classic Christmas movies and ones for the kids.

Board games can be fun if you have a large gathering of friends and family, as can games consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation. 

For quiet times, furnish bookcases with a selection of novels, magazines, and books for guests of all ages. 


Your kitchen should be stocked with plenty of plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year at the holiday home, ensure you have appropriate tableware for that as well as a variety of serving dishes and utensils.

On holiday you really do not want to be washing dishes so furnish your kitchen with a dishwasher. If you are preparing meals for lots of people, buy a large range cooker with plenty of room for cooking several dishes at once.

Add some luxury by purchasing a coffee maker that will fill the house with delicious aromas. Or invest in a wine cooler and stock with bottles of the finest wine and champagne. Don’t forget the corkscrew!

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