How to Fit Traditional White Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen


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The contemporary interior design industry is currently witnessing a resurgence of traditional styles, especially regarding kitchen cabinetry. Vintage cupboard designs have beaten the majority of modern trends in popularity. 

Among the vintage designs rocking the modern-day interior design industry, traditional white kitchen cabinets are the most popular. If you have lately been thinking of making them part of your kitchen decor, the perfect time to do so is now. 

Whereas they ideally seem perfect for vintage kitchen designs, traditional white cupboards are compatible with all modern kitchen trends. In this article, we will show you how to fit traditional white cabinets in a modern kitchen. 

Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets Explained 

Traditional white cabinets are probably the oldest designs among kitchen furniture trends. They have been in the interior design industry for many years, thanks to the common nature of their traditional white color. 

Notwithstanding their adorable whitish appeal, traditional white kitchen cabinets stand out as unique courtesy of the following features. 

  • Natural Wood Material Component

The majority of traditional-looking white kitchen cabinets are entirely made up of natural hardwoods, for example, the likes of teak, maple, oak, cherry, and hickory. Because their designs are reminiscent of classic times when wood was the sole material for various types of furniture, traditional white-painted cupboards are mostly defined by natural wood materials. 

  • Functional Designs 

Traditional white kitchen cabinets, just like other classic-styled cabinetry designs, are built mostly to enhance practicability in a cookhouse. Because of their neutral traditional white shades, these drawers are the best in terms of ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, their neutral white appearance can easily absorb light from different sources to make a kitchen hall feel light and vibrant. Indigenous white kitchen cabinets are also easier to style because their neutral shades can match a wide variety of colors, including artificial colors. 

  • Long Lifespan

Because they are typically crafted from bare wood, traditional white kitchen cabinets come with a mark of durability. These drawers are capable of resisting scratches and smudges, thanks to their visible natural wood grain pattern. 

Due to their unrivalled capability to last longer than usual, traditional white cupboards have been and continue to be the first-choice kitchen cabinets for many people. 

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Fitting Traditional White Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen

As we noted earlier on, traditional white kitchen cabinets are not necessarily ideal for classic-styled pantries. You can easily make them part of your modern kitchen décor, provided you do the following; 

  • Incorporate Industrial Accessories

To reinforce their truly classic background, traditional white kitchen cabinets are often un-accessorized, which has led made many to refute the fact that these drawers match modernity. Modern kitchen designs mostly feature industrial materials like metallic, plastic, and laminate materials in terms of accessories

With shiny metallic accessories, for example, gold-plated knobs or stainless steel handles and hinges, you can complement the outlook of traditional-styled white cabinets to make them look as luxurious as modernity is often portrayed. 

  • Opt for Transitional Kitchen Design

Besides just incorporating industrial beautification items, you can opt for a transitional kitchen design to make traditional white cupboards seem fit for an interior of a modern kitchen. Transitional kitchens, the types of cookhouses that feature a glamorous blend of classic and contemporary fashion, have featured among the top trends in modern kitchen interior design ideas for the last five years. 

Apart from amazing blends of traditional and contemporary hardware, mixtures of natural wood and artificial materials like laminate and fiberboard, memorable highlights of transitional kitchens include, mixed colors and natural items, for example, fresh plants, as well as any type of artwork. In this respect, you can leverage the vintage outlooks of traditional white kitchen cabinets for any transitional design. 

  • Mix Colors

Traditional white, when in abundance, can easily create the impression of a clinical setting. To give life to an interior in which traditional white is present, mixing colors is more than necessary. The good thing with all versions of color white is that they blend well with many colors. 

Hence, you can never experience any hardship while trying to choose the colors that you can blend with traditional white cabinets in your kitchen. Nonetheless, always consider the following when pairing colors to mix with traditional white kitchen cabinets

  • Your Choice Kitchen Design: While traditional colors go well with classic-styled kitchen interiors, contemporary colors seem perfect in modern pantries. Hence, you need to consider the specific design you want your pantry to express if you want to get the perfect colors to blend with vintage white-painted cupboards. 
  • Color Contrast: With traditional white cabinets in your kitchen, you can merge as many colors as you wish. However, because of the neutrality of white paint, these drawers can make an interior look bland and lifeless when they are mixed with less-bolder colors. 

To achieve color contrast in a kitchen with traditional white cupboards, it is necessary to work with vibrant colors, for example, black, pink, and blue. An alternative strategy is the installation of metallic hardware and natural items, for example live plants. 

  • Cabinet Accessories and Kitchen Hardware: Besides your design preference and color contrast, cabinet accessories and kitchen hardware can determine the colors that you can incorporate with traditional white cabinets. For example, if traditional white kitchen cabinets are adorned with accessories made up of gold, chrome, or stainless steel, contemporary colors are the best to work with. 

Rustic and natural wood accessories and kitchen hardware, on the other hand, can work best with natural colors in enhancing the overall outlook of an interior. Therefore, you must consider cabinet finishes as well as kitchen hardware material components if you want to get the right colors to blend with traditional-styled white-colored drawers. 

Final Thoughts

As traditional white kitchen cabinets are resurging back into fashion, they are standing out as some of the trendiest cabinet designs. Despite their traditional outlook, these drawers have proved to be perfect for modern interior designs in a myriad of ways, from functionality to durability, and enhanced physical attraction. Justifiably, there’s no better time than now to fit traditional white cabinets in your kitchen, regardless of how modern it looks.

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