How To Find The Best Wedding Venue


A wedding involves a lot of planning and decision. Aside from the dress, food, and guest list, choosing the best venue can consume much of the couple’s time. Some venues host the ceremony and reception, while some want two wedding venues.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the best wedding venue for you.

Discuss With your Wedding Planner

Wedding planners have numerous resources when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venues. Explain what you want, expectations, and non-negotiables so they can help you find the perfect place. In addition, explaining your dream wedding and theme will help them plan properly in a potential space.

Finalize a Budget and General Location

One of the most important things to consider is your budget. The wedding location will also affect your budget. Aside from the rent of the space, decorations and floral design will drive the cost of your wedding. Know how much your budget and design will cost to execute. If adding that on top of the rent, better look for another venue that will fit your budget.


Understand Your Vibe and Aesthetic

Choosing wedding venues that fit your theme will help you achieve your dream wedding. While choosing a venue with a stunning view is nice, having a well-thought vibe and aesthetic will help you find the perfect place. For instance, if you want to achieve an ultra-glam wedding with mirrored details, acrylics, and chandeliers, then a rustic farm with lush greeneries is not for you. Consider art galleries, well-designed restaurants, or commercial spaces if you’re hoping for a modern wedding.

Know the Types of Venues Available and the Inclusions

There are all-inclusive wedding venues. You can spend the ceremony and reception in one place, and the rent includes rentals, catering, and other materials. However, some venues are bare, where you need to do a lot of rentals for the look and details. Some outdoor venues are examples of this category.

Know Your Guests List

Make sure you have the number of everyone who is coming and if the place can accommodate your number of guests. This is an essential step in choosing a wedding venue. Imagine choosing a small venue with too many guests and a limited number of tables and chairs. Knowing how many guests you expect can save you from headaches and problems.

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