How to Find the Best Moving Company Online

You’re moving, but there are just a few things standing in your way. You don’t own a truck, your friends are conveniently busy, and your family doesn’t live in the same time zone. There’s no way you can move everything under your own steam, so it’s time you start looking for a moving company for help. 

But you don’t want just anyone with a truck to help you move. You want to find movers you can trust with your home and all your belongings. 

So, how can you tell if a moving company has your best interest in mind? Ask yourself the following four questions. Getting the answers will help you find the best moving companies in your area. 

How Long Have They Been in Business?

A brand-new company may offer a special rate on their moving services, but they don’t have any history. There’s no way of telling whether they’re capable movers or a disaster waiting to happen. 

A company with a decade or more of experience is a far better option. Ten years of moving is longevity a bad business can’t hope to match. Only the best movers can last that long, and they’ll use that time to refine their process and skills so that they’re consistently delivering quality service.

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What Services Do They Offer?

A moving company should be more than hired muscle. In addition to the heavy lifting, the best movers can help you in a variety of situations. 

Below are some of the services that you should expect from an experienced company:

  • A one-stop-shop for boxes and packing supplies
  • Partial, full, or specialty packing services
  • Junk and furniture removal services
  • Long distance moving
  • Apartment and condo services
  • Express moving for when you’re under a short time limit
  • Seasonal, short- and long-term household storage

Check Customer Reviews

Knowing what their past customers have to say about their services can be an eye-opener. Some online reviews may reveal the company in question doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. 

If you see a company has poor ratings, it’s a sign to stay away. They might damage your property, lose belongings, and charge you extra while they’re at it. 

Stellar reviews demonstrate the movers know what they’re doing, so don’t settle for anything less than 4 out of 5-stars. This rating means they’ve consistently impressed their clients. 

You can get a broad sense of their reputation by cross-referencing reviews. Check out the reviews on the following sites to get a good understanding of their moving abilities and customer service.

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Have They Won Any Awards?

It doesn’t matter how small a company may be — good work gets noticed. Check if the companies on your shortlist have earned any consumer choice awards. 

The more accolades to their name, the better. It proves that the online reviews you’ve read are legit, and third-party organizations recognize their commitment. 

The Takeaway

Finding a professional mover you trust is possible — just follow these tips to help you find the right team for your needs!

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